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Photo of Dr Atheer F. Al-Anbaki

Dr Atheer F. Al-Anbaki

EMPS Visiting Scholar

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Atheer Joined the University of Exeter in 2014 to pursue a PhD under the supervision of Prof Aleksandar Pavic, which he successfully finished in 2018. Since then, Atheer is an EMPS Visiting Scholar, working remotely from Iraq where he holds a full-time Lecturer position at the University of Anbar.

Atheer graduated from the University of Anbar, Iraq in 2009 with a BSc in Civil Engineering. Ranked 1st in the 2009 Class, Atheer was awarded a scholarship by the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED IRAQ) to further his studies. This enabled him to pursue an MSc programme at The University of Sheffield, where he obtained an MSc (ENG) in Structural Engineering with Distinction in 2011. Following his graduation, he went back to Iraq and worked at the University of Anbar, first as an External Lecturer, and then as an Assistant Lecturer. As a result of achieving the distinction in his M.Sc. programme, he was awarded his second scholarship in 2013 under the Academic Excellence Scheme awarded by HCED IRAQ to pursue a PhD programme.

His main research interests are in the field of vibration serviceability of civil structures, this includes:

  • vibration serviceability of building floors, including lightweight and ultra-lightweight floors
  • human-induced dynamic forces
  • dynamic testing and structural modelling of full-scale civil structures (e.g. building floors, grandstands, and footbridges)
  • footfall excitation of slender civil structures

Atheer also worked as a Vibration Engineer with Full Scale Dynamics Ltd, a University spin-out company specialising in vibration serviceability, analysis, testing, monitoring and control of any large full-scale structure. He assessed the vibration serviceability of floors during their design phase and led vibration testing of full-scale building floors. His experience in over 15 projects also included field tests of bridges and grandstands.

Atheer has a personal passion towards promoting science and higher education. He volunteered as a STEM ambassador where he worked with schools to encourage and inspire young people to progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. He was also extensively involved in widening participation activities run by the outreach office of the University of Exeter during his doctoral studies. His passion led him to take the part-time job as a tutor with the Brilliant Club, which is a charity aimed to widen access to university for students from under-represented groups.

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