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Photo of Dr Otto (Chien-Nien) Chen

Dr Otto (Chien-Nien) Chen

Research Fellow

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I am a research fellow in Centre for Water Systems in Civil Engineering. My academic expertise covers environmental management, environmental engineering, hydroinformatics, environmental modelling and simulation, and heritage management. My research interest features interdisciplinary exploration with methodology particularly bridging social science approaches with science and engineering, as the world is gradually not merely focusing on natural or built environment separately, but needs a holistic view on natural and built environment simultaneously which is my passion and speciality. My works also feature international collaboration. With more than 20-year career development in industry, I had led a team that played a leading role dominating several environmental policy developments in Taiwan. I am currently also appointed as a technical advisor in MWH (Stantec), a global leading environmental engineering consultancy company.

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  • Chen C-N. (2016) Water Heritage: Classification and Degrees of Intervention, 12th International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering, Taiwan, 6th - 10th Nov 2016.

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