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Photo of Dr Carly Daniels

Dr Carly Daniels

Post Doctoral Research Fellow



I am a Marine biologist and ecologist with 15 years diverse professional experience in leading and conduction applied biological and ecological research, education and stakeholder engagement. I have a strong track record in attracting funding for multidisciplinary projects that provide outreach and impact for applied industrial research and development.

Broad Research Specialisms

Crustacean and Algae biology and culture
Sustainable aquaculture techniques and technologies
Novel mari-culture
Marine conservation
Marine survey techniques
Sustainable fisheries
Interdisciplinary collaboration


PhD Culture techniques for lobster stock enhancement. Thesis: ‘Optimisation of rearing diets for early life stages of the European Lobster, Homarus gammarus, to enhance growth, Survival and health using biotic dietary supplements’. University of Plymouth (2010)

BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology. University of Plymouth (2005)

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Further information


Research Interests

My research projects to date have focussed on: Crustacean biology, culture and nutrition, Sustainable aquaculture techniques and technologies, Novel mari-culture, Marine conservation, Marine survey techniques, Sustainable fisheries management and Interdisciplinary collaboration. My current research focus is on the development of novel aquaculture species with a focus of Seaweed species: including the techniques, technologies, environmental impacts and associated regulatory concidrations.

Research Projects

(2020) RE Strategic Priorities Fund: Evidence based Policy Making: Incorporating law and policy research into an emerging novel aquaculture species. (Co-I)

(2020) RE Link Fund: Developing a seaweed network (PI)

(2019) EMFF: Lead Post Doctoal Research Fellow on Establishing environmentally and commercially sustainable techniques for farming seaweed.

(2018) Agri-Tech Cornwall: ERDF: Collaborator on Developing new genomic services to support global restoration aquaculture market growth and species conservation.

(2018) ARCH UK - BBSRC/NERC: Collaborator on UK Aquaculture Initiative ‘Innovations in genetics and breeding to enhance UK aquaculture production’.

(2017) BBSRC: UK Aquaculture Initiative - Collaborator on ShellEye-DEMO Satellite monitoring for shellfish aquaculture.

(2016) Innovate UK/BBSRC: Agri-Tech catalyst, Industrial stage award - Lobster Grower 2: Assessing the technical, economic and environmental potential for a novel candiadate aquaculture species (Lead PI).

(2015) Cornwall Council: Councillor Community Grant Scheme - Developing Culture Techniques: A Dietary Focus (Lead PI).

(2014) TSB and BBSRC: Lead PI on Agri-Tech catalyst, Early stage awards - Lobster Grower: Developing techniques to fast track lobster aquaculture. (Lead PI).

(2013) TSB: Innovation Voucher: Developing lobster aquaculture technologies (Lead PI).

(2013) ECEHH: In Residence Scheme follow on fund – Developing Biological assays to assess water quality for lobster culture (Co-I).

(2012) ECEHH: In Residence Scheme – Water Quality influences on Lobster Culture (Co-I).

(2007) Great Western Research Fund: Three year PhD studentship - ‘Optimisation of rearing diets for early life stages of the European Lobster' (Lead PI).

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