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Photo of Dr Devika Koonthalakadu Baby

Dr Devika Koonthalakadu Baby

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


I am a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy at the University of Exeter. My research focuses on diverse theoretical and technological issues in automotive stability and clean freight operation, which are pertinent to the present vision net-zero scenario. I possess a strong interest and passion in control systems, estimation, optimisation, and machine learning, which are applicable to diverse interdisciplinary research themes. I am actively working with the Centre for Future Clean Mobility, and the Dynamics and Control research group at the University of Exeter. I also serve as an Adjunct faculty in the Dept. of Engineering Design, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Research Interests

1. Safe Autonomous Systems (UGVs)

  • Modelling, control, and optimisation of autonomous systems.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

2. Sustainable Transportation Solutions

  • Electric vehicle technology.
  • Investigating sustainable electric solutions for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Eco-Optimisation: Analysing the economic viability of transitioning to electric trucks.

3. Freight Transport Innovation: Platooning and String Stability

  • Optimising truck platooning for sustainable freight transport.
  • Smart Logistics: Planning stable platoon formations.
  • Data-Driven Green Freight: Harnessing data for eco-friendly and economical transportation.

4. Future Highways: Electric and Connected

  • Sustainable Expressways: Exploring electric highway systems for a cleaner future.
  • Smart Communication: Enhancing connectivity through Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) systems.

5. Control System Theory

  • Sliding mode control.
  • Optimal control.
  • Model predictive control.

PhD Positions Available

Contact me for information on available PhD positions in these innovative research areas.


  1. ECMM147 - Mechatronics: Sensors and Machine Automation
  2. ENG3012 - Mechatronics
  3. ECM3174 - Engineering Year in Industry
  4. ECM3175 - Individual Project
  5. ENGM015 - Individual Investigative Project

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