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Photo of Mr Edward Laughton

Mr Edward Laughton

Postgraduate Researcher


My research is primarily focused on developing efficient high-fidelity parallel computational fluid dynamics for problems involving moving geometries. I am an active contributor to the open-source spectral/hp-element framework Nektar++, upon which I have impemented various non-conformal mesh handling techniques which can be seen as the first step in realising full moving geometry capability.

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  • Laughton E. (2024) Enabling efficient high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for moving geometries.
  • Green MD, Kirilov KS, Turner M, Marcon J, Eichstädt J, Laughton E, Cantwell CD, Sherwin SJ, Peiró J, Moxey D. (2024) NekMesh: An open-source high-order mesh generation framework, Computer Physics Communications, volume 298, DOI:10.1016/j.cpc.2024.109089.



  • Laughton E, Zala V, Narayan A, Kirby RM, Moxey D. (2021) Fast Barycentric-Based Evaluation Over Spectral/hp Elements, J Sci Comput, volume 90. [PDF]


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