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Photo of Mrs Faten Ayyash

Mrs Faten Ayyash

Postgraduate Researcher

 (Streatham - Shared) 6421 or (Streatham - Shared) 3730

 (Shared) 01392 726421 or (Shared) 01392 723730


My research topic is "Sustainable Transition from Intermittent Water Supply Systems to Continuous Water Supply Systems" under the supervision of Prof. Raziyeh Farmani and Prof. Akbar Javadi.

I am a current PhD student at the University of Exeter, and my PhD, which commenced in 2021, is funded by the Faculty for the Future program, Schlumberger Foundation. 

I have graduated with an MSc in Infrastructure Engineering from the Islamic Univeristy of Gaza (IUG), Palestine in 2006 and a BSC in Civil Engineering from the same university. 

I worked as a teaching assistance after graduation (2001-2005) in IUG university, then I have promoted to a lecturer (2006-2013). 

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  • Ayyash F, Koukoravas V, Sarisen D, Simukonda K. (2023) Multi-staged conversion from intermittent to continuous water supply, 2nd International Joint Conference on Water Distribution System Analysis (WDSA) & Computing and Control in the Water Industry (CCWI), Universitat Politècnica De València Valencia (spain), 22nd - 22nd Jul 2022, DOI:10.4995/WDSA-CCWI2022.2022.14175.

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