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Photo of Dr Harry Penketh

Dr Harry Penketh

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 (Streatham) 6518

 01392 726518


I am currently working in Euan Hendry's group in TEAM-A, developing computational imaging systems at T/GHz frequencies.

I have previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Jacopo Bertolotti. This work concerned the study of speckle correlations for imaging using multimode fibres.

Prior to this my PhD research project was supervised by Jacopo Bertolotti and Bill Barnes at the University of Exeter (2016-2020). This project entitled "Control of white light emission for illumination and imaging" was sponsored by Dyson and involved the design and characterisation of novel lighting technologies.

I graduated from the University of Exeter with an MPhys in Physics in 2016. My Master's research project involved exploiting speckle correlations to image using scattered light. This project was supervised by Jacopo Bertolotti.

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  • Penketh H, Ergoktas MS, Lawrence CR, Phillips DB, Cunningham JE, Hendry E, Mrnka M. (2024) Real-time millimeter wave holography with an arrayed detector, Optics Express, volume 32, no. 4, pages 5783-5792, DOI:10.1364/oe.513852.
  • Penketh H, Hendry E, Phillips D, Lawrence C, Cunningham J, Ergoktas MS, Mrnka M. (2024) Real-time millimeter wave holography with an arrayed detector (dataset).




  • Penketh H, Barnes WL, Bertolotti J. (2021) Ghost Image Processing. [PDF]
  • Penketh H, Bertolotti J, Barnes W. (2021) Ghost Image Processing dataset.


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