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Photo of Dr Hussein Rappel

Dr Hussein Rappel

Lecturer in Computation Engineering


Hussein Rappel is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computational Engineering at the Department of Engineering University of Exeter. He did his Ph.D. in Computational Sciences at the University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) as a member of the Legato Team and at the University of Liege (Belgium) as a member of the Computational & Multi-scale Mechanics of Materials (CM3) unit

Prior to joining the University of Exeter, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Alan Turing Institute and a member of the Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group (CSML) at the University of Cambridge.

Research interests

Broadly speaking Dr. Rappel is interested in probabilistic and statistical modeling and their intersection with engineering problems. A list of his publications can be found here ==> the link.

Teaching activity

ECM1201-Mathematics for Engineers

ENG1007-Fundamentals of Mechanics

Student projects:

ECM3175-Individual Project

ECM3174-Engineering Year in Industry

Research opportunities

I am always looking for ambitious, driven, and passionate Ph.D. students. If you are interested please get in touch. I will be happy to speak to you.

Available positions:

If you are interested in doing your Ph.D. in applied mathematics, probabilistic modeling, and computational engineering at The City University of Hong Kong (CityU) or The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), please send me your CV.

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  • Rappel H, Beex LAA, Hale JS, Bordas SPA. (2016) Bayesian inference for the stochastic identification of elastoplastic material parameters: Introduction, misconceptions and insights. [PDF]


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