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Photo of Ms Isabelle Ebisch

Ms Isabelle Ebisch


PhD researcher with a passion for engineering, problem-solving and medicine. 

Isabelle Ebisch completed her master's degree in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany). While studying for a general mechanical engineering degree she followed her passion in medicine and built expertise in biomedical engineering through working as a research assistant (part-time) at the Fraunhofer institute (IWU) Dresden as part of the biomedical engineering research group, focussing on the design of novel hip implants. She finished her studies with a project investigating trunk muscle activations combining in vivo and computational methods.

Currently Isabelle Ebisch is part of the biomedical engineering research group under supervision of Prof Tim Holsgrove at the University of Exeter, trying to push boundaries of the in vitro testing of intervertebral discs towards a more physiological testing regime. 

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