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Photo of Dr Ian  Ashton

Dr Ian Ashton

Senior Lecturer in Offshore Technology

 01326 255765


Ian is a physical oceanographer, and wave analyst with expertise in wave measurement technology, satellite earth observation, air-sea gas exchange and marine renewable energy. 

Accurate measurements of waves and currents are critical when operating offshore and in coastal locations. Combining offshore, in-situ field measurements with satellite data and innovative analysis tools, Ians research is aimed at improving the information available about the physical oceanographic conditions to create better operational and design procedures. 

Ians PhD looked into the spatial properties of ocean waves and subsequent research has covered the spatial variability of waves for marine energy, the accuracy of wave and current monitoring and detailed proocedures for wave assessment. I was previously working as principal researcher for the FabTest marine energy test site situated in Falmouth Bay. This included research to develop innovative wave and current monitoring in response to requirements from developers of operational wave energy projects.

Research projects:


Using machine learning to develop accurate real-time wave measurements for offshore wind farms  

European Space Agency, AMT4OceanSatFlux

Using in-situ and satellite data to estimate the air-sea flux of CO2 

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

Coordinating field trials to develop environmentally and commercially sustainable seaweed cultivation in the UK and analysing social implications of the industry development

EU Interreg, TIGER

providing met-ocean data support as part of the €47.5m Tiger tidal energy demonstrator project

EU Interreg, FanBest

Supporting blue growth in the marine sector

ERDF, Marine I (1&2)

Supporting innovative marine technologies in Cornwall, UK


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