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Photo of Dr Jean Paul Kone

Dr Jean Paul Kone

Lecturer in Renewable Energy Engineering



I am a Lecturer in Renewable Energy Engineering, with specific focus in mechanical engineering aspects of the renewable energy solutions.
I lead modules on renewable energy systems, engineering mechanics, and thermo-fluids on the Renewable Energy Engineering programmes.


My academic and industrial backgrounds are in mechanical engineering, energy technologies, control theory, and mathematical and numerical modelling and simulation. In my previous teaching role with the Sino-British College of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, I was involved in the design, acreditation and delivery of Liverpool John Mores University’s engineering programmes in Shanghai. I developed and taught modules such as control system design and analysis, process control, mechatronics, foundation mathematics, engineering mathematics, finite element analysis, and electrical engineering practice. During this time, I earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from Falmouth University.

I hold a PhD in Energy Technologies from the University of Nottingham entitled ‘CFD modelling and simulation of multiphase flow in a PEM fuel cell using OpenFOAM’. I created an open-source code CFD-based tool capable of accurately predicting the distribution of the major physical quantities which are transported within a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. The tool can be used to gain important insights into the cell working processes. The source code for the single-phase flow model and the multiphase flow model are available at single-phase source code and multi-phase source code, respectively. The published results contribute to the further development of CFD open-source modelling approaches and knowledge base, to facilitate the expansion of the PEM fuel cell technology. Thus, the work achieves the objectives outlined in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Advanced Fuel Cell Annex 37. I also earned a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Automation at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Huddersfield.

In industry, I worked for several years in the design, and research and development of customer focused electromechanical products, as well as in product quality management through the implementation of ISO9001 standard and the European CE marking, within a few international engineering companies. And I kept abreast of recent developments in the engineering profession through my membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and my collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI). Whilst working for Cummins Engines Company, I led several serious quality problem projects on various high horsepower diesel engine components using Seven-Step-Problem-Solving technique and Design for Six Sigma method. In my role with Greenfield Controls, I designed and developed industrial valves for power stations to internationally recognised standards such as ASME and EN standards.

My main research interests reside within the energy sector and control applications in mechatronics. Especially, the research on clean and efficient energy technologies with specific interest in materials, thermo-fluids, design optimization, control systems, mathematical modelling, and computation methods. My recent research activities focus on mathematical modelling and control of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems. The main objective is to gain in-depth understanding of the dynamic behaviour of a fuel cell subsystem for achieving optimum or robust control of the system.


  • KONE, J.P., et al. (2017) Three-dimensional multiphase flow computational fluid dynamics models for proton exchange membrane fuel cell: A theoretical development. The Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, Vol. 9(1) 3–25, DOI:10.1177/1757482X17692341
  • KONE, J.P., et al. (2018) CFD modelling and simulation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell using OpenFOAM. Energy Procedia, Vol 154 (2018) 64–69. Paper presented at the Applied Energy Symposium and Forum, REM2017: Renewable Energy Integration with Mini/Microgrid Systems, Tianjin, China. DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2018.04.011
  • KONE, J.P., et al. (2018) An open-source PEM fuel cell toolbox for OpenFOAM. Computation, Vol. 6(38) 1–17. DOI:10.3390/computation6020038
  • KONE, J.P., et al. (2018) An open-source toolbox for multiphase flow simulation in a PEM fuel cell. Computer and Information Science Vol. 11(3) 1–24, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v11n3p10
  • KONE, J.P. (2018) Single-phase flow OpenFOAM toolbox for PEM fuel cells: The source code. Mendeley Data, v1, DOI:10.17632/3gz7pxznzn.1
  • Kone, J.P. (2018) Multiphase flow OpenFOAM toolbox for PEM fuel cells: The source code. Mendeley Data, v1, DOI:10.17632/c743sh73j8.1

Professional Bodies:

  • Fellow member of Advance HE
  • Chartered Engineer member of the Engineering Council
  • Chartered Engineer member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)



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