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Photo of Mr Jon Hardwick

Mr Jon Hardwick

Associate Research Fellow - Postgraduate

 01326 371837



Jon conducts research into resource quantification of renewable energy technologies with a particular focus on marine energy generation. He works on the development of numerical simulations to accurately predict ocean conditions supported with the analysis of data collected from in-situ measurement campaigns. This research has been applied to the quantification of energy generation potential in a number of different contexts.

Jon's research includes aspects of several different disciplines, the research output he develops includes aspects of numerical modelling, data science, statistical methods, oceanography, physics, and energy management.

Jon has been employed at the University of Exeter since 2012, in that time he was worked on several different research projects involving a number of UK and international collaborations.

Alongside project work Jon is working to complete his PhD thesis. The project look to quantify uncertainties of a coupled wave and tidal model using a Bayesian statistical methodology.

Prior to coming to the University of Exeter Jon studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Bath.

Research Projects

TIGER - Interreg TIGER

EU Interreg Channel - Intelligent Community Energy (ICE)

RGF - FabTest

NERC - WaveHub Data System

EU FP7 - DTOcean

PhD Thesis

Uncertainty quantification of a coupled wave and tidal model for marine renewable energy.

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