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Photo of Mrs LINLIN WANG


PhD student


Linlin Wang is a postgraduate researcher in Engineering, funded by China Scholarship Council. She joined the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences in September 2021 under the supervision of Prof Voicu Ion Sucala. 

Linlin Wang graduated Sichuan University (China) in 2016 with a MEng degree. During her academic studies, Linlin has focused on two main research areas. The first one is plasma enhanced magnetron sputtering coating equipment to study the growth mechanism of a new type of multi-layer tooling coating, explore the physical and mathematical model of transition layer coating growth, and initially establish coating tool wear correlation of transition layer composition, film type, and film thickness. The second one is focused on the electroless plating technology, it is used to plate Ni-Sn-P ternary alloy coating on the natural gas pipeline material L245 substrate. Through the changes of its surface morphology, structure and atomic valence state, the physical and chemical properties of the coating are optimised to improve the service life of the substrate.

Currently, her main research direction involves modelling and implementation of digital twin based on physics simulation for intelligent manufacturing factory.

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