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Photo of Prof Mohammad  Abusara

Prof Mohammad Abusara

Associate Professor in Control and Power Electronics

 01326 371885


Prof Mohammad Abusara received his BEng degree from Birzeit University, Palestine, in 2000 and his PhD degree from the University of Southampton, UK, in 2004, both in Electrical Engineering. His PhD was concerned with control of grid-connected inverters and was supervised by Prof. Suleiman Sharkh.

Prof Abusara has over ten years of industrial experience with Bowman Power Group, Southampton, UK, in the field of research and development of digital control of power electronics for distributed energy resources, hybrid vehicles, and machines and drives. During his years in the industry, he significantly contributed to the design and prototyping of a number of commercial products that include grid and parallel connected inverters, MicroGrid, DC/DC converters for hybrid vehicles, and sensorless drives for high speed permanent magnet machines. Dr. Abusara is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Southampton.

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