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Photo of Dr Mohammad Akrami

Dr Mohammad Akrami

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

 (Streatham) 4542

 01392 724542


I am a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter. I received my MSc in 2012 and my PhD in 2016, both from the University of Manchester. My research focuses on multidisciplinary engineering projects that involve medical, social, and computer sciences, and I use systematic review, data analysis, and novel innovations to provide engineering solutions. My areas of expertise include:

  • Data centric Engineering with Machine Learning applications
  • Climate Engineering through the development of smart cities and sustainable designs and structures
  • Engineering interventions in Energy-Food-Water-Environment-Equity and Public health modelling
  • Biosystems and biomedical Engineering using CFD and FEA
  • Mechanised eco-friendly agricultural engineering
  • Energy economics through hybrid, localised energy modelling using wind, solar, hydrokinetic and biofuel energies to achieve circular economy 

If you're interested in pursuing a PhD, MPhil, or MRes with me on any of these topics, please send your areas of interest to

Contact details:

Office: Harrison 112, Department of Engineering

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  • Panahi R, Khanjanpour MH, Javadi AA, Akrami M, Rahnama M, Ameri M. (2019) Analysis of the thermal efficiency of a compound parabolic Integrated Collector Storage solar water heater in Kerman, Iran, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, volume 36, DOI:10.1016/j.seta.2019.100564.
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  • Khanjanpour MH, Panahi R, Javadi A, Akrami M, Rahnama M, Ameri M. (2019) Investigating of the thermal performance of utilised materials for an Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater, ISER International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (ICSTEM -2019), London, United Kingdom, 7th - 8th Jul 2019.
  • Alotaibi DM, Akrami M, DIBAJ M, Javadi A. (2019) Smart energy solution for an optimised sustainable hospital in the green city of NEOM, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, volume 35, pages 32-40, DOI:10.1016/j.seta.2019.05.017.
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  • Akrami M, Javadi A, Hassanein M, Farmani R, Tabor G, Negm A, Fath HES. (2019) Analysing greenhouse ventilation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), UK Association for Computational Mechanics Conference 2019, London, United Kingdom, 10th - 12th Apr 2019,
  • Khanjanpour MH, Rahnama M, Javadi A, Akrami M, Tavakolpour M, Iranmanesh M. (2019) An investigation of a Ɣ-type MTD Stirling engine prototype, UK Association for Computational Mechanics Conference 2019, London, United Kingdom, 10th - 12th Apr 2019.
  • Chan LC, Akrami M, Javadi A, Tabor GR, Dibaj M, Khanjanpour MH. (2019) Optimisation of a conceptual aircraft model using a genetic algorithm and 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), UK Association for Computational Mechanics Conference 2019, London, United Kingdom, 10th - 12th Apr 2019,
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  • Fath HES, Javadi AA, Akrami M, Farmani R, Negm A, Mallick T. (2019) A Novel stand-alone solar-powered agriculture greenhouse-desalination system; increasing sustainability and efficiency of greenhouses, Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE), Oxford, United Kingdom, 14th - 15th Mar 2019.


  • Akrami M, Craig K, Dibaj M, Javadi AA, Benattayallah A. (2018) A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the human hip, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, volume 42, no. 7, pages 546-552, DOI:10.1080/03091902.2019.1576795.
  • Dibaj M, Ke K-Y, Akrami M, Tan Y-C, Javadi A, Farmani R, Chen A. (2018) Towards an integrated model of managing the groundwater and flooding; case study of Taiwan Pingtung Plain, EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 7th - 12th Apr 2018.
  • Alotaibi DM, Javadi A, Akrami M. (2018) A conceptual design of a sustainable hospital in NEOM, 13th World Congress on Healthcare & Technologies, Dublin, Ireland, 14th - 15th Jun 2018, DOI:10.4172/2375-4273-C2-041.
  • Charnley J, Craig K, Akrami M, Javadi A, Benattayallah A. (2018) Towards investigating the implications of joint incongruity on the elbow joint using a 3D image-based finite element modelling, 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, 8th - 12th Jul 2018.
  • Craig K, Akrami M, Javadi A, Benattayallah A, Doyle C, Timperley AJ. (2018) Investigating Human Hip Dislocation Using a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Human Hip Model, 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, 8th - 12th Jul 2018.
  • Flecther-Bott KZ, Akrami M, Javadi A, Benattayallah A, Dibaj M, Wall T. (2018) A Subject-specific Three-dimensional Model of the Human Hand and Wrist, 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, 8th - 12th Jul 2018.
  • Thienkarochanakul K, Javadi A, Akrami M, Benattayallah A. (2018) Towards a three-dimensional Finite Element model of the Knee Osteoarthritis, 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, Ireland, 8th - 12th Jul 2018.
  • Akrami M, Qian Z, Zou Z, Howard D, Nester CJ, Ren L. (2018) Subject-specific finite element modelling of the human foot complex during walking: sensitivity analysis of material properties, boundary and loading conditions, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, volume 17, no. 2, pages 559-576, DOI:10.1007/s10237-017-0978-3.
  • Bandmann CEM, Akrami M, Javadi AA. (2018) An investigation into the thermal comfort of a conceptual helmet model using finite element analysis and 3D computational fluid dynamics, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, volume 68, pages 125-136, DOI:10.1016/j.ergon.2018.07.004.


  • Zheng M, Zou Z, Akrami M, Hu D, Peach C, Ren L. (2017) Large-Scale Subject-Specific Finite Element Modelling of the Human Shoulder Complex, The 26th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Brisbane, Australia, 23rd - 27th Jul 2017.


  • Akrami M, Howard D, Nester C, Ren L. (2015) Process of designing a Large-Scale Subject-Specific Finite Element model of the human foot complex, 25th congress of International society of biomechanics, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 12th - 16th Jul 2015.


  • Akrami M, Howard D, Nester C, Ren L. (2014) Towards A Large-Scale Subject-Specific Finite Element model of the human foot complex, 7th World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston, Massachusetts, Usa, 6th - 11th Jul 2014.
  • Akrami M, Ren L. (2014) A Large-Scale Subject-Specific Finite Element model of the human foot complex, Annual Postgraduate conference of the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, 7th - 8th Apr 2014.


  • Akrami M, Utyuzhnikov S. (2011) Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Space Shuttle External Tank, MSc dissertation, Submitted to the University of Manchester.

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Further information


  • ECM2207: Project Management  (module lead), Accelerate feedback: 5/5 (2020-2021)
  • ECMM103: Computer-Aided Engineering Design (module lead), Accelerate feedback: 4.07/5 (2020-2021)
  • ECMM107: Mechanics of Materials (lecturer), Accelerate feedback: 4.61/5 (2017-2018), 4.30/5 (2018-2019)
  • ECM3171:  Computer-Aided Engineering Design (module lead), Accelerate feedback: 3.44/5 (2020-2021)
  • ECM3151: Thermofluids and Energy Conversion (lecturer), Accelerate feedback: 3.20/5 (2017-2018), 3.93/5 (2018-2019)
  • ECM2113: Thermofluid Engineering (lecturer), Accelerate feedback: 3.54/5 (2017-2018), 4.00/5 (2018-2019)
  • ECM3154: Manufacturing (lecturer), Accelerate feedback:3.79/5 (2017-2018)
  • ECM1107: Materials and Manufacturing: Core Engineering 2 (lecturer), Accelerate feedback: 3.50/5 (2017-2018)
  • ECM2112: Professional studies and Skills Development 2 [2018-2019] (Tutor)
  • ECM3101, ECM3175: Individual Project (BEng) [2016-Continued] (Supervisor)
  • ECMM164: Individual Project (MSc) [2018-Continued] (Supervisor)

Projects Supervisions

Supervised undergraduate and postgrduate students' projects:

1. Cerys Bandmann (2016-2017), BEng Engineering and Management

2. Kim Fletcher-Bott (2016-2017), MEng Mechanical Engineering

3. Oscar Dent (2016-2017), MEng Mechanical Engineering

4. Thomas Daniel Mullen (2016-2017), Bachelor of Engineering

5. Masis Kalatas (2016-2017),  Bachelor of Engineering

6. James Green (2016-2017), Master of Engineering

7. James Berry (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

8. Kim Craig (2017-2018), Bachelor of Engineering

9. Ka Yeung (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

10. Ata Aganoglu (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

11. Matthew Yates (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

12. Thomas Wall (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

13. David Williams (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

14. Joe Charnley (2017-2018), Master of Engineering

15. Dhaifallah Muways Alotaibi (2017-2018), Master of Science in Engineering and Management

16. Maxime Porcheron (2018-2019), Master of Engineering

17. Matt Hassanein (2018-2019), Master of Engineering

18. Sion Edwards (2018-2019), Master of Engineering

19. Lok Chun Chan (2018-2019), Bachelor of Engineering

20. Rebecca Conder (2018-2019), Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences

21. Joe Stevens (2018-2019), Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences

22. Felix Haxby (2018-2019), Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences

23. Abdal Zafar (2018-2019), Bachelor of Science in intercalated Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences

24. Aysha Saeed (Summer 2019), Summer internship

25. Adrien Jacomet (Summer 2019), Summer internship

26. Eddie Totton (Summer 2018), Summer internship

27. Henry Glyde  (Summer 2018), Summer internship

28. Husain Alsari (2019-2020),  Bachelor of Engineering

29. Sam Gilbert (2019-2020), Master of Engineering

30. Jack Tulloch (2019-2020),  Intercalated B.Sc. degree (Hons.) in sports and exercise medical sciences

31. Sabine Hoadley (2019-2020),  Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences 

32. Dan O'Leary (2019-2020), BSc in Medical Sciences

33. Joseph Bryars (2019-2020). BSc in Medical Sciences

34. Matthew Howells (2019-2020), BSc in Medical Sciences

35. James Osborne (2020-2021), Professional training year

36. Camilla Castel-Branco (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

37. George Chaplin (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

38. Will Preston (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

39. Mohammad Abdin (2020-2021), Bachelor of Engineering.

40. Yasmin Jennings (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

41. Rhys Jones (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

42. Charlie Newbold (2020-2021), Master of Engineering.

43. Joseph Chapman (2020-2021), BEng in Mechanical Engineering

44. Afonso Moreira (2020-2021), MSc in Mechanical Engineering  

45. Colleen Hood (2020-2021), BSc in Medical Sciences

46. Aleesha Karia (2020-2021), BSc in Medical Sciences

47. Sebastian Ryan-Ndegwa (2020-2021), BSc in Medical Sciences

48. Ailis Truscott (2020-2021), BSc in Medical Sciences

49. Eyimofe Ekundayo (2020-2021), BSc in Medical Sciences

50. Josie Carter (2021-2022), BEng in Mechanical Engineering 

51. Hamish Clarke (2021-2022), MEng in Civil Engineering

52. Isabelle Fellows (2021-2022), MEng in Civil Engineering 

53. Nithya Sebastian (2021-2022), BEng in Electronic Engineering

54. Edward Griffiths (2021-2022), MEng in Mechanical Engineering

55. Abhilash Sharma (2021-2022), MEng in Mechanical Engineering 

56. Melany McBean (2021-2022), MEng in Mechanical Engineering

57. David Reed (2021-2022), MEng in Mechanical Engineering 

Admin roles, External engagement and Impact

Admin roles

Senior Academic Conduct Officer (SACO) (2023-Continued) 

Dignity and Respect Advisor (2023-Continued) 

Programme Lead for Mechanical Engineering BEng/MEng (2021-Continued)

Programme Lead for Sustainable Engineering MSc (2022-Continued) 

Member of Engineering Project Enhance Leadership group (2020-2022)

Member of CEMPS Environment and Climate Emergency group (2020-Continued)            

Member of MR management board (2020-Continued)

Member of Engineering Education Leaders group (ELG) (2020-Continued)


  • 2019 The final year project I supervised was awarded the best undergraduate project in functional materials, manufacturing, and management of project (by Lok Chun Chan)
  • 2018 Awarded the ASPIRE fellowship, for professionalism in research-led education
  • 2018 The final year project I supervised was awarded the IMechE accreditation, for outstanding research, development and design project in Mechanical Engineering (by Kim Craig)
  • 2018 The MSc project I supervised was recognised by the Head of Engineering department (Professor Paul Reynolds) with an “Above and Beyond” award, as excellent supervision
  • 2017 The final year project I supervised was awarded the Philip Booth prize for the best third-year project (by Kim Fletcher-Bott)
  • 2013 Awarded the best presentation among the second-year PhD students with the University of Manchester's distinction
  • 2012 Awarded the school of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering’s scholarship to pursue my PhD studies at the University of Manchester, 2012
  • 2011 Honoured as the top student within the MSc Mechanical Engineering design cohort, with distinction, University of Manchester

Editorial/review Responsibilities

  • Review editor for the Journal of Frontiers in Sustainable Cities
  • Expert reviewer for the Journals of Biomechanics, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Energies, Water, Biomedical Engineering Online, IEEE Access, Sustainability, Applied Sciences, International journal for numerical methods in Biomedical Engineering, Symmetry, and Science progress.

Link to Researchgate

Link to ORCID

Link to Publons

Students' feedback

Here you can find the students' comments on my teaching:

"I wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge I gained. It was a pleasure to be one of your students! Although Thermofluids wasn’t easy, I enjoyed studying it. Many thanks and hope to see you in my third year." [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Quite replies from the module leader and assistance on the teams platform when I had any questions, even on the weekend". [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Module is well prepared. Topics of projects are interesting and real world applicable." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Thank you for being such an amazing and helpful lecturer. You truly are one of a kind!" [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The lecturer was very helpful and understanding. The projects were enjoyable and in general marked well." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Lecturer and Teaching Assistants reply to Teams and email outside of working hours, very helpful and passionate about teaching." [ECM3171, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The module was quiet interactive and the tutor allowed everyone to ask as much questions as they can", [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The way the module has been structured was interesting and useful. Professor tries his best to keep the class active and informative." [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"The Q&A sessions have been useful to sort out any issues we have had with understanding the content of this course." [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Excellent consideration was made for the two separate masters cohorts of students." [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"I enjoyed the courses ECM3171 Computer-Aided Design and ECM3151 delivered by you. I love the quiz in the class to have fun while learning." [2020-2021]

"Great lecturer and very good module so far. The lecturer explained everything in detail and the coursework. Quizzes are designed very well to assess our work". [ECMM103, Computer Aided Design, 2020-2021]

"Really liking the details of explanations you put in the lecture videos, really helps me understand. The pop quiz is also a very good change of pace from the usual monotonous quizzes" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"I love the efforts from you, professor! Cannot ask for more, thank you". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

"Very interesting, really enjoying the quiz! great content, lecturer is great". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2020-2021]

“The theromfluids led by Mohammad is also very interesting and Dr Akrami was engaging and explained things well.” [ECM3151, Thermodynamics, 2018-2019]

“A lot of worked examples were given during lectures.” [ECM3151, Thermodynamics, 2018-2019]

"Mohammad was a very hard working lecturer, the most hard-working I have ever seen. He replied to our email questions immediately despite already being midnight to guide us with the coursework. The tutorial sessions are also explained very cleary and questions have all been answered. Well done!!" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Good lecturers, pretty interesting too." [ECM3151, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"Dr Akrami's side had good content and he explained it fairly well", [ECM3151, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

“Very good module, excellently taught and all parts of the module tied in well together.” [ECMM107, Mechanics of Materials, 2017-2018]

“I liked the ANSYS coursework (Mohammad) as I've never used ANSYS before but actually quite enjoyed completing it as it was at exactly the right level. The tutorial sheets were really well written and the tutorial classes really helpful.” [ECMM107, Mechanics of Materials, 2017-2018]

"Well explained lecture slides, and like that the slides are printed out and the seminar questions are given to us in advance", [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"The lecturers are very knowledgeable about their module. They try to make it as entertaining as possible". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"We liked the use of Kahoot (online quizzes) in Mohammad’s lectures". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"Good tutorials, like having practicals and coursework". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2018-2019]

"I think that Dr Akrami a good idea to do the kahoot mini-tests". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"The tutorials by Mohammad were very good, clearing up things that weren't understood in the lectures" [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Lectures were interesting and content was testing using Kahoot which was fun. Mohammad was great when it came to answering questions. Especially throughout the busy easter period he replied to emails within minutes and gave good explanations for the questions asked". [ECM2113, Thermofluids, 2017-2018]

"Engaging and interesting". [EMC1107, Materials, and Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

"Lecture content delivered by Mohammad Akrami was also very interesting and delivered well. The assessment of the module, with a coursework in each half of the module is good and also allows practice of ALM methods". [ECM3154, Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

"I really enjoyed this module. Thank you Chris and Mohammad, for the great work. I attended all lectures and felt I gained a lot from them". [ECM3154, Manufacturing, 2017-2018]

“Thank you, Mohammad, for all your time and constant support this year.” [ECM3102, Individual project, 2018-2019]

Engineering Seminars

9. Dr Nadia Siddiqui, "Widening access to higher education", 13 August 2021

8. Pae Natwilai, "Entrepreneurship and Engineering Education", 8 July 2021

7. Dr Tolulope Eboka, "Engaging BAME students into educational activities", 2 July 2021

6. Dr Adam Feldman, "Making it real’ – assignments and projects with REAL oomph", 25 June 2021

5. Dr Maarten Koeners, "Playful University", 11 June 2021

4. Professor David J. Hess, "Environment and Climate Emergency in our curriculum", 4 June 2021

3. Dr Reyna, "How to develop an Evidence-Based Model to Flip our Classroom". 28 May 2021

2. Dr Rossiter, "Engaging students in learning and satisfying AHEP4", 21 May 2021

1. Dr Andrew Gillen, "Fostering sustainable partnerships with industry in engineering education", 14 May 2021 

PhD supervisons

Here is the list of current PhD students I supervise: 

4. Mr Amin Rahmani, Project title: "Numerical investigation of Thermal Management system using phase change materials for Li-Ion batteries”, First supervisor, [2023-2027]

3. Mr Taha Rezaei, Project title: “Environmental impacts of hydropower generation from ocean”, co-supervisor, 2022-2026

2. Mr Mohammed Almansour, Project title: "Converting waste to energy for use in cooling and heating of residential buildings", First supervisor, 2021-2025

1. Mr Ali Khosravifard Shirazi, Project title: "Self-learning finite element method and applications in structural engineering", co- supervisor, 2020-2024

PhD adviser for the following projects:

  • Dr Mohammad Moayedi, “Associations between changes in loading pattern, deformity, and internal stresses at the foot with hammer toe during walking; a finite element approach”, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, 2018-2022
  • Dr Matthew Ellison, “Finite element approaches to modelling the stresses in the second metatarsal during running”, University of Exeter, 2017-2021
  • Dr Kulchamai Thienkarochanakul, "Subject-specific three-dimensional finite element modelling of the human knee complex", University of Exeter, 2016-2020

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