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Photo of Dr Mingtao Fu

Dr Mingtao Fu


Dr Mingtao Fu joined the University of Exeter in 2018 as PGR. Prior to this, he obtained his PhD degree in management at the Neoma Business School (France) in June 2017. His primary academic interests are sustainable business ecosystem and sustainable business model. His current researches focus on simulation of business ecosystem performance, enhancement of sustainable business models and business ecosystems in manufacturing industries, the quantitative and qualitative studies on business ecosystem. For example, how business model innovation can adapt to business ecosystem changing, how various digitalized components, like big data application, digital manufacturing, artificial intelligence, etc., can contribute to the adaptation process. Combination of circular economy related innovative business model and dynamic capabilities is used to explore the adaptable methodologies to confront the constantly changing of business ecosystem, thereby enhancing sustainability of businesses and business ecosystems.

Mingtao is working as PTA in three Master modules, including

  • Global Sourcing and Logistics Management
  • Agile, Lean and competitive enterprise
  • Manufacturing supply chain management

Mingtao has also been working as a consultant and project manager in many fields, such as information and management consulting, manufacturing, public administration and policy, supply chain finance, international and internal trade, e-commerce, culture and art etc., thereby accumulating a wealth of practical experience, especially for the Chinese market.

PhD supervisor

Dr Chunbo Luo

Dr Miying Yang

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