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Photo of Prof Nicola King

Prof Nicola King

Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education

 (Streatham) 3430 or (Streatham) 3646

 01392 723430 or 01392 723646


My career at the University of Exeter has led me from Senior Tutor in Biosciences, to Director of Studies for Natural Sciences, Associate Dean (Education) in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and I am now Associate-Pro Vice Chancellor for Education in the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy.

As Senior Tutor I led transformative change in student support in Biosciences resulting in institution leading NSS scores. As Director of Studies for Natural Sciences I was key in the development of the innovative interdisciplinary curriculum which has widened access to the sciences and been sector-leading in its approach to embedded interdisciplinarity.

In my current role as Associate-Pro Vice Chancellor I have championed compassionate leadership and developed new ways to support education and pedagogy within the faculty. I am also Chair of the Society for Natural Sciences and developed their ground breaking accreditation framework which embeds an interdisciplinary ethos at its heart. I am passionate about interdisciplinary science and championing those who teach and study Natural Sciences through my role with the Society for Natural Sciences. I am committed to broadening student opportunities both through widening access to university and understanding predictors of success in order to address awarding gaps.

I am a Principal Fellow of Advance HE and a National Teaching Fellow.

2022 National Teaching Fellow

2021 ASPIRE Principal Fellowship
2021 Principal Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

2012 ASPIRE Senior Fellowship
2012 Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy
2005-present: Lecturer, Biosciences, University of Exeter
2002-2005: PhD (Inorganic Materials Chemistry), University of Exeter
1998-2002: MChem (Hons) Chemistry with European Study, University of Exeter and University of Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany

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