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Photo of Dr Nicko Kassotakis

Dr Nicko Kassotakis

KTP Associate


My background spans the following fields:

• Numerical modelling

• Structural surveying

• Computer vision

• Structural health monitoring  

Specifically, my research career commenced with the high-level numerical modelling (finite element method and discrete element method) of discontinuous/composite structures (e.g. ageing structures such as masonry arch bridges, historic towers, and monuments). Then, I investigated the employment of various non-contact sensing techniques for automating the development of geometric models (i.e. numerical models prior to structural analysis). To achieve this end,  I carried out experimental campaigns on damaged infrastructure and then employed computer vision techniques such as point cloud and image processing. As a result of the previous investigations, I successfully developed two novel frameworks for the automated structural analysis of masonry structures. 

At the present moment, my research interests still lie at the interface of structural engineering, geospatial engineering and computer science, however with a focus on an array of structures and material typologies (such as steel, concrete and composites). I am particularly passionate about the employment of non-contact sensing techniques in combination with novel technologies (such as machine learning) for the preservation and remediation of both novel and historic structures. 

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