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Photo of Dr Nejat Zeydalinejad

Dr Nejat Zeydalinejad

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Nejat Zeydalinejad is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. He successfully completed his Ph.D. in Hydrogeology in 2020, focusing on the impact of climate change on various water systems such as karst, alluvial aquifers, and surface water. During his master's studies, he conducted research on the evaluation of groundwater potential in karst terrains, including hydrogeophysical and hydrogeochemical assessments. 

In terms of professional experience, he has worked in groundwater resources management, offering expertise in diverse areas. This includes advising on the implementation of environmental monitoring strategies, characterising groundwater resources, developing sustainability programs for groundwater resources, selecting water well sites, analysing the impacts of geotechnical projects on karst water resources, and determining foundation depth in urban districts.

Currently working on: groundwater infiltration risk map for sewer networks

Research interests:

- Groundwater modelling using numerical (e.g. MODFLOW) and non-numerical approaches (e.g. ANNs)

- Climate change and its impacts on water resources

- Groundwater resilience to anthropogenic and climate-induced stresses

- Sustainable groundwater resources management

- Karst hydrology and geomorphology

- Groundwater potential and water well site selection using GIS (including: WIOA and Fuzzy-AHP) and Hydrogeophysics

- Hydrogeochemical evaluations of groundwater resources

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