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Photo of  Paul McCutchion

Paul McCutchion

Manager - Exeter Technologies Group

 (Streatham) 5831

 01392 725831


Paul McCutchion is a Senior Research Fellow and commercial manager of the Exeter Technologies Group, incorporating the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM), Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing Technologies (CALMARE) and Exeter Advanced Technologies (X-AT). Responsible for general management of the group’s activities, development of commercial opportunities (consulting and research proposals) and both technical and project management of research projects.

After working in industry for 10 years, Paul joined the University of Exeter in 2013, to establish and manage CALMARE, working with over 160 companies across the South West of the UK. He has then gone on to secure numerous grant funded research projects for the Group and continues to both support other colleagues research and develop his own research programmes. His research focus includes additive manufacturing, the circular economy and the sustainable use of polymers and composites. 

Research Projects

  • Victrex Joint Partnership – Industry/University funded - Building upon the successful relationship a five-year joint partnership was formed. The aim is to further develop the next generation of PAEK polymers for Additive Manufacturing and commercialise novel material solutions throughout the supply chain.
  • F4 PAEK – Innovate UK – This project with a consortium of 7 partners combines nano-particles with PAEK polymers to develop new bespoke lightweight multifunctional materials (mechanical, thermal and electrical properties) that can be printed using laser sintering and FFF.
  • New Nylon Materials for AM - Industry funded – Research project to investigate development of new nylon polymers for laser sintering and FFF processes. 
  • List-P – Innovate UK - This collaborative project is developing novel lightweight composite sandwich panels, using recyclate, for medium and heavy goods as well as passenger vehicles.
  • Wetsuits from Wetsuits – Innovate UK; KTP – Collaborative research with Finisterre to investigate neoprene degradation, reuse and recycling, to develop more sustainable wetsuits and business model options. 
  • Light weight and cost effective composite structural core from recyclate - Innovate UK – Working with Omnia and the NCC this feasibility study investigated the reuse of polymer waste streams to create innovative Proof of Principle (PoP) composite cores which could be used as structural panels/components in commercial and passenger vehicles. New material formulations were developed to deliver more sustainable and lightweight products. 
  • High temperature additive manufacturing with embedded fibre optic sensors - DSTL – CDE100404; This feasibility project proved the concept of embedding fibre optics in PEEK components using the FFF process for monitoring temperature and strain within the part. 
  • Valorisation of polymer waste through spectroscopy (VALSPEC) – Innovate UK – Working with BPI, Aunir and Bruker the project aimed to demonstrate the suitability of near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring and detecting contaminants in the polyethylene recycling process. It used multivariate analysis and chemometric models to provide an early alert of non-compliance that could be connected to an automated mechanical separation system. 
  • CALMARE - ERDF - Established and managed the Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing, working with over 160 companies in the South West, to investigate new materials, the Circular Economy and the more sustainable use of polymers and composites, including co-founding the Circular Economy Business Forum. 
  Publications and Articles  
  • N. Yi, R. Davies, A. Chaplin, P. McCutchion, O. Ghita, 2020, Slow and fast crystallising poly aryl ether ketones (PAEKs) in 3D printing: crystallisation kinetics, morphology, and mechanical properties – Under review
  • R. Davies, N. Yi, P. McCutchion, O. Ghita, 2020, Mechanical Property Variance Amongst Vertical Fused Filament Fabricated Specimens via Four Different Printing Methods – Under Review
  • Z. Gombos, P. McCutchion, L.Savage, 2019, Thermo-mechanical behavior of composite moulding compounds at elevated temperatures, Composites Part B Engineering, 173:106921
  • P. McCutchion, O. Ghita, 2018, Additive Manufacturing – High Performance Polymers Strategy 2018-2023 – Industrial White Paper 
  • P. McCutchion, 2017, High-performance polymers – a new era of development, Materials World - Article
  • A. McLauchlin, A. Gahkani, J. Mohanraj, P. McCutchion, O.Ghita, 2017, Inline Detection of Contamination in Pelletised Recycled Polyethylene Film, INIRS Conference - Poster
  • P. McCutchion, 2016, Performance polymers for performance parts, Aerospace Manufacturing - Article
  • P. McCutchion, Recycling and reprocessing techniques for plastics and composites, 2014, Sustainability Live - Conference Paper

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