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Photo of Mr Raghavarshith Bandreddi

Mr Raghavarshith Bandreddi

Postgraduate Researcher

 (Streatham - Shared) 6421 or (Streatham - Shared) 3730

 (Shared) 01392 726421 or (Shared) 01392 723730


I completed my Bachelor of Engineering (civil engineering) at Andhra University in 2016 and my Master of Engineering (water resources and environmental engineering) at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, in 2018. After completing my master's degree, I spent three years as a researcher at Hitachi India Research & Development Centre, followed by six months at Kritsnam Technologies. During this time, my focus was on developing ICT solutions for water management for both domestic water utilities and industries.  

I am currently working on optimal operation and maintenance of water distribution networks. This work addresses the challenges posed by background leaks, considering the constraints of limited on-field sensors and uncertainties encounteres in real-world scenarios.

My other research activities on water distribution include:

  • Identification of optimal locations for sensor placement 
  • Pressure management to maximize equity while minimizing leakage
  • Non-revenue water assessment

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