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Photo of Mr Russell Edge

Mr Russell Edge

Research Technician


I work as part of the Technical support team based in the Harrison workshop.

My Role within the team includes CAD/CAM support, CNC programming /machining, conventional workshop machining and specialist technical expertise and assistance.

My background:  I left school and completed a four year tool making apprenticeship, then went on to work in various manufacturing companies throughout the Midlands.

After 14 years of being a tool maker I went to University as a mature student and got a Bsc Hons in Computer Aided Design.

After graduating I moved to Devon where I worked as a design Engineer for a company in Plymouth designing shop fittings. After that I worked as a Design Engineer designing microwave equipment for the telecoms industry, both of these jobs have given me excellent Cad skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately due to the fall in demand for telecoms industries in Devon I had to look for another job which brings me to how I ended up working here at the University.

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