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Photo of Dr Samuel Erland

Dr Samuel Erland

Research Fellow


I am a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the complex mechanisms behind modern manufacturing techniques and how process and material parameters might be optimised in order to efficiently provide high quality, defect free components. Recent work has focused on lightweighting braking systems and combatting the corrosion issues that are increasingly prevalent on hybrid and electric vehicles. This work has included the hot-press manufacture of thick composite components from PEEK Discontinuous Fibre Moulding Compounds (DFMC), and pursuing the replacement of black and galvanised steel with phenolic composite solutions.

A key aspect of my research has been ensuring effective knowledge transfer to the industrial partners involved in the various bids and projects. I am currently the named researcher/CO-I on an EPSRC bid focused on developing the ability to recycle and repair high performance thermoplastic composites, and am participating in Cohort 39 of the ICURe programme exploring market interest in the research that I have conducted on the FullStop Innovate UK grant.

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