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Photo of Prof Trevor Bishop

Prof Trevor Bishop

Honorary Professor


Trevor has over 30 years’ experience working across regulation, utilities, eNGOs and consultancy in the field of water and environmental management. His focus throughout has been the sustainable management of water, as a natural resource, and investment planning. Since leaving his role as Director as Strategy and Policy at Ofwat in 2019 Trevor has been an Independent working both internationally and in the UK on projects and interim roles. Some key projects have included working with the World Bank, Ofwat/RAPID, Saudi Arabia, Scottish Water and many others. Also, in this period Trevor has undertaken the role of Organisational Director of Water Resources South East, leading the development of the SE’s £20 bn long term investment plan and is currently the Independent Chair of the West Country Water Resources Group.

Prior to his role at Ofwat Trevor was a Deputy Director in the Environment Agency and also a National Duty Commander for Incident Management (Floods, droughts etc.). The Deputy Director role involved the development of national policy and regulatory strategy for water/environmental planning and management.

In addition to Trevor’s combined experience of both economic, strategic planning and environmental regulation, Trevor spent over 10 years in water utilities with a focus on leakage and asset performance.

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