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Water and Environment group

Water is essential for human life. It is used in households, agriculture, for generating energy and in various other industries. At the same time, humans need protection from the devastating impacts of flooding and other natural disasters involving water.

Researchers at the Water and Environment group (aka Centre for Water Systems) focus on addressing a wide range of these challenges across the full water cycle (i.e. from ‘cloud to coast’). The group is particularly focusing on water-related challenges in the urban environment (i.e. cities) across different spatial and temporal scales.

These challenges are addressed by developing new methods, tools and ultimately knowledge, often in close cooperation with national and international industrial partners, academic and other institutions. The solutions and technologies developed often involve latest informatics type technologies resulting in cost effective, socially acceptable, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

The group is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and worldwide and is an international leader in the field of water engineering.

Group members

Our research

Visit the Centre for Water Systems website for information on our current research and projects.