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Charlie Patrickson

Personal Homepage

In January 2022 I joined the University of Exeter to study spin qubits in 2D materials, in a project supervised by Isaac Luxmoore and funded by an EPSRC iCASE with Oxford Instruments. One material system of interest is hexagonal Boron Nitride; this atomically flat sheet can be fabricated to host negatively charged boron vacancies. These defects display quantum phenomena, with potential applications in secure communication and sensing. My project will focus on characterizing their quantum properties and, where possible, using experimental techniques to improve the timescales over which quantum effects can be observed, known as the coherence time. 

I have a background in physics prior to joining the CDT at Exeter, graduating with a 1st class MSci from the University of Nottingham in 2013. In my final year I delivered an award-winning project for work investigating graphene deposition using PECVD. Building on this, I then took a role in the R&D PVD coatings team at NSG Pilkington, where for seven years I developed vacuum based thin film products and processes. A highlight of this experience was a two year secondment to Italy, where I developed a novel coating and the subsequent process improvement work required for a new Mercedes-Benz product.