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Photo of Ms Dondu Sarisen

Ms Dondu Sarisen

Postgraduate Researcher


Dondu Sarisen is currently undertaking a research study in Engineering at the University of Exeter's in the Centre for Water Systems. She graduated from Bulent Ecevit University in Civil Engineering in 2013. After graduation, approximately three years she was employed by the company, TVT Hidrotek Proje and contributed to designing small dam (embankment dam) projects with the aim of supplying water for irrigation, irrigation systems and flood control projects. She received a full scholarship from the Ministry of National Education of Turkey for both MSc and PhD studies in Uk and she completed an MSc programme in Hydrogeology and Water Management at Newcastle University in 2017. Dondu is working on Reducing the Apparent Losses to Achieve Equitable Water Supply in Intermittent Water Supply Systems. In her spare time, Dondu plays basketball.