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Photo of Mr James Bassitt

Mr James Bassitt

Vibration Engineering Section Lab Manager and V Simulators Senior Experimental Officer


Telephone: 01392 725235

Extension: (Streatham) 5235

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Management responsibility for the operation of the Structral Engineering Laboratory and related equipment. Researching, specifying and commissioning of instrumentation systems for structural monitoring.

Provide technical advice on equipment actively solving any problems that may arise from research and/or experiments.

To specify and design bespoke instrumentation and actuator electronics in support of projects and research.

Responsible for the specifying, tendering, delivery, installation and operation of bespoke equipment.

Design and production of digital and analogue electronic devices.

Technical support for micro-electronics, digital and analogue and transducer technology with the ability to manufacture prototypes and test circuits.

Experience of embedded and PC based software development.

Familiarity with the operation of laboratory instrumentation and test equipment.

Working knowledge of connectors and harnessing materials.

Experienced in liaising with suppliers and manufacturers in high volume manufacturing.

Familiarity with working in fast paced and high specification engineering programmes within industry and education.

Provide undergraduate teaching support to include; delivering specified modules, marking, supervising student project work and providing demonstrations and workshops for student teaching.

Discovering the Dynamic Properties of Civil Structures With Wirelessly Synchronised, Highly Distributed Data Loggers



Publications (in progress)

Pavic, A, Zhang X, Bocian M, Bassitt J M, Bouncy Bridge. Perception of vibrations by walking
humans. In preparation for journal of Sound and Vibration

Hester D, Brownjohn JMW, Xu, Y, Bocian M, Recovering bridge displacements using
accelerometers; lab and field tests. In preparation for Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring