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Photo of Prof Ken Evans

Prof Ken Evans

Professor of Materials Engineering


Telephone: 01392 723648

Extension: (Streatham) 3648

Prof Ken Evans holds the Chair of Materials Engineering. He is also the Director of Exeter Advanced Technologies and Director of the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing. His research is on the theoretical and experimental investigation of novel materials, including their processing, fabrication, structure and properties and in their engineering and industrial applications. He has published over 170 research papers and twelve patents.

Prof. Evans is an acknowledged international expert on auxetic materials. These unusual materials exhibit a negative Poisson's ratio (i.e. they expand laterally when stretched). This behaviour has a fundamental influence on the mechanical properties of these materials, with many possible applications. Areas of interest include such diverse topics as blast mitigation fabrics, synthetic skin, 'smart' materials, structural honeycombs and foams and open framework ceramics such as zeolites. The University has established a spin-out company 'Auxetix Ltd' to commercially develop this work.

Other major areas of interest include additive-layer manufacturing, sustainable materials processing (e.g. recycling of composites) and anomalous metamaterials that exhibit a wide range of unusual properties including negative thermal expansion, negative linear compressibility, negative stiffness and negative refraction.