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Photo of Dr Mehdi Khoury

Dr Mehdi Khoury

Senior Research Fellow


From an AI/Machine Learning background, I work in decision support systems, Serious Games , interactive visualizations, and data science. The present application domain is to give policy makers, scientists, engineers, and stakeholders augmented intelligence in the process of collective decision making. These thing are exacting and technically demanding exercises that require participants to go online, poke a complex technical model, and get their act together despite having conflicting priorities and limited resources...    The sum of all my experiences, as a “nomad” scientist connecting various disciplines drove me to the following conclusion. You can solve 95 % of a problem with an engineering or a scientific solution, but often, the last 5% of it is about how to convince people to make use of your solution. And this will ultimately decide if the whole exercise was a success or not. This is why I think that using Interactive visualization, Serious Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence to connect technical problems with people is relevant from a research, general impact, and business perspective.     Beside AI/Machine Learning, graphics and web programming - elements of psychology, neuroscience, nonlinear dynamic systems, and statistics are also part of my skillset. I am generally happy to use whatever technique works best for the problem at end, and not necessarily one “hammer” for all tasks. Working at the junction between network science, machine learning, visualisation and “Serious Games” offers many opportunities to make a significant impact in society, and can potentially be very exciting and fulfilling.