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Photo of Dr Yongde Xia

Dr Yongde Xia

Senior Lecturer in Functional Materials


Telephone: 01392 723683

Extension: (Streatham) 3683

Yongde Xia earned his PhD from Fudan University, China. After postdoctoral experiences at Korea Advanced Institute of Science an­d Technology and University of Paris-Sud, France, he worked as a Research Fellow in material chemistry and hydrogen storage group at University of Nottingham. Then he moved to Exeter as a Lecturer and currently he is a Senior Lecturer at University of Exeter.

Dr. Xia has produced more tha­n 160 peer-reviewed scientific journal ­papers, with accumulated citations over 9,600 times and an h-index of 52.

His main area of expertise is experimental preparation and characterisation of nanostructured porous materials for energy applications.

Research Interests

The research themes span from the design, synthesis and characterisation of novel nanostructured porous materials and functional materials to the investigation of their applications in energy storage and conversion. The materials currently under investigation are those new materials may find use as adsorbents, solid state catalysts, molecular sieves and as hosts in the preparation of advanced functional materials. The applications of those new materials cover several energy-related fields. Of particular interests are structurally well-ordered porous solids such as various silica or carbon-based microporous and mesoporous materials, with specific functionalities, for a wide variety of applications, such as energy and catalysis.

Specific research themes include but not limit to:

- Various novel nanostructured functional porous materials, including microporous and mesoporous materials and advanced functional mesoporous materials with tunable structural ordering, textural properties and morphologies.

- Advanced hybrid materials, especially structurally well-ordered inorganic-inorganic and organic-inorganic nano-hybrid and nanocomposites.

- Applications of various nanostructured porous functional materials or composites and related advanced functional materials and nanocomposites in adsorption, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, electrochemical energy storage and conversion in supercapacitors, water splitting, fuel cells, batteries and sensors.