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Professor Jake Rigby 

Exeter appoints BMT’s Jake Rigby as Honorary Associate Professor

The University of Exeter has appointed Jake Rigby, Research and Development lead at one of the world’s leading engineering, science and technology consultancy firms BMT, as an Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering.

Professor Rigby joins the University’s Engineering department, initially on four-year tenure.

As part of the team at Exeter, Professor Rigby will be co-running a series of projects alongside Exeter’s Professor Chris Smith, to explore how alternative cleaner power systems might work for a range of marine vessels.

So far a new way of simulating hybrid powertrains for ships has been developed. This highlights how future developments in technologies such as batteries and AI systems might help to make shipping more efficient and so reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions.

The University of Exeter already enjoys a fruitful partnership with BMT, which supports future research and technology development initiatives and sharing expertise.

The partnership also provides opportunities to employees, researchers and students through knowledge exchange, project placements and sharing of facilities.

Speaking of his appointment, Professor Rigby said: “It is a great honour to receive this appointment from the University of Exeter, which recognises our mutual commitment to continuing our close working relationship

“We continue to collaborate on a range of cutting-edge technologies, from visualisation and simulation to the future of power systems in the maritime industry; sharing a passion for solving the problems of today whilst shaping the ideas of tomorrow.

“BMT and Exeter have assessed our key areas of mutual interest, identifying strategic opportunities for closer collaboration, innovation and growth, in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

“I look forward to turning this MoU into reality, demonstrating how effectively industry and academia can work together to tackle the increasingly complex problems facing our globalised world.”

Welcoming Professor Rigby to the new role, Professor Chris Smith, from Exeter’s Engineering Department said: “I am personally delighted to have Jake join us in this honorary position.

“Jake and BMT are forward-looking and innovative, and this recognises our drive to translate research ideas into technology. Together we can make faster progress to new cleaner power systems, augmented and virtual reality that helps humans, and better simulation tools. With Jake taking up this honorary appointment we can work more closely, share information and inform our strategies.”

BMT is a leading international scientific and engineering technical services and consulting business.

Date: 3 April 2020

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