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Our work with the public sector includes advice and policy formulation for local authorities on sustainable development.  At Cranbrook, we have been instrumental in demonstrating the viability of a biomass-fuelled district heating CHP scheme

Public Sector

The Centre for Energy and the Environment works alongside public sector organisations in the South West under a partnership known as the South West Energy and Environment Group (SWEEG). Experience, information, research and technical advice are shared between its members on energy and climate change issues.

The SWEEG partnership has been in existence since 1977 and has expertise covering:

  • Sustainable and energy efficient buildings
  • Performance monitoring of buildings
  • Energy and climate change policy development
  • Renewable energy studies
  • Sustainable and low carbon transport 

Working in partnership, SWEEG members are leading the way in the energy and climate change debate. Current SWEEG members include: 

The member information area contains minutes and presentations from previous meetings.  Access to this requires a username and password, please contact us for this information.

If you would like to become a member of SWEEG, please contact us.