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Past Events

Please see below for details of our past events. Videos are available for many of these webinars, which you can view by clicking on the link under 'Title':

31/08/2023-01/09/2023 Various Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter

Advances in Water Research & Innovation: 1998 to 2023 and beyond. Celebrating 25 years of CWS

22/06/2023 Prof David Butler, Prof Tania Kovats, Trevor Bishop & Dr Sarah Ward Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter & Agile Rabbit

Water and climate change: 10 things you should know

27/03/2023 Paul Hargreaves Jabobs

Dual-use blue green infrastructure; a local example - Sidmouth Amphitheatre

20/03/2023 Diego Ciriminna University of Palermo

Permeable Pavement, a hydrological mitigation solution modeled in EPA SWMM. A study of the best performance

13/03/2023 Jess Penny University of Exeter

Impact of Land Use Changes of Hydrological Regimes

20/02/2023 Dr Bhattacharya, Rhys Hart & Lucas Cannon Atkins Ltd/University of Exeter

Engineering Net Zero

13/02/2023 Dr Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia KWR/University of Exeter

Digital Transition for the Water Sector at European level: Challenges and perspectives

06/02/2023 Ben Hamilton University of Exeter

Novel phase portrait methodology for the real time detection of waste water blockages

30/01/2023 Dr Josh Myrans  South West Water/University of Exeter 

Automated Sewer CCTV Annotation

23/01/2023 Dr Patrick Thomson University of Oxford

For a Few Dollars More: Can better data help the rural water sector?

16/01/2023 Prof Luiza Campos University College London

Emerging Contaminants in Water – Treatments and Challenges

09/01/2023 Prof Lindsay Beevers University of Edinburgh

The use of data in water governance and decision making in urban contexts

12/12/2022 Prof Qiuhua Liang Loughborough University

Development of a Coupled Human And Natural Systems (CHANS) Modelling Approach for Flood Risk/Impact Assessment

05/12/2022 Yuxiao Wang University of Exeter

Modelling of hydraulic fracturing using extended finite element method

21/11/2022 Prof Ian Barker Water Policy International Ltd/University of Exeter

Crisis? What crisis? Why are England's rivers and seas polluted by sewage?

14/11/2022 Dr Venura Perera Allianz

Innovating for Success

24/10/2022 Dr Mary Long-Dhonau OBE Mary Dhonau Associates

What is it like to flood? How can we reduce the impact of a flood at a property level

17/10/2022 Prof Trevor Bishop Water Resources South East

Water Security in the 21st Century: Can we evolve in time?

10/10/2022 Dr Mayra Rodriguez Eawag

The influence of Green Infrastructure on the resilience of urban drainage systems

26/09/2022 Gareth Lewis University of Exeter

Developing vehicles for integrated applied research for real customers: the aqua3S story

30/06/2022 Dr Kourosh Behzadian University of West London

Data-driven modellng of flood forecasting in urban drainage systems [video]

23/06/2022 Dr Ole Mark Kruger A/S

Modelling and analyses of the impacts from climate change on urban flooding [video]

16/06/2022 Dr Priscila Alves University of Maryland

An integrated spatial-participatory framework for flood risk mitigation in the semi-arid region of Brazil [video]

26/05/2022 Esteban Sañudo Costoya University of A Coruña 

Large scale urban drainage models [video]

05/05/2022 Fernando López Aguilar & Dr Alberto Abella FIWARE Foundation

Cybersecurity and standardisation in SmartWater [video]

28/04/2022 Dr Mehdi Khoury University of Exeter NextGen serious game playing session [video]
07/04/2022 Dewi Davies & Sarah Aubrey National Trust/Natural Resources Wales The Uwch Conwy Catchment Project [video]
31/03/2022 Dr Toby Coe  Fishtek Ltd  Fish passage - global challenges and solutions in a disconnected world
24/03/2022 Dr Amy Deacon University of the West Indies The freshwater biodiversity of Trinidad: a model species in a model system [video]
17/03/2022 Dr Lynsey Harper NatureMetrics Ltd Environmental DNA: new possibilities and challenges for biodiversity monitoring [video]
10/03/2022 Cll Doug Smith & Mike Machin Great Torrington Water Forum Inspiring lasting change through a local water forum [video]
03/03/2022 Dr William Perry Cardiff University From poo to policy: wastewater surveillance in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond [video]
24/02/2022 Dr James Orr University of Oxford Overcoming the context-dependency of multiple-stressor interactions [video]
17/02/2022 Charles Rangeley-Wilson CaBA The CaBA (Catchment Based Approach) chalk stream restoration strategy [video]
03/02/2022 Dr Otto Chen University of Exeter Participatory Hybrid Decision Support Modelling Framework for Industrial Symbiosis [video]
27/01/2022 Dr Brett Snider University of Exeter Designing water distribution system anomaly detection to reduce search areas [video]
20/01/2022 Dr Isobel Stanton UKCEH Near-source monitoring of COVID-19 in school and prison wastewater
13/01/2022 Dr Sarah Ward Westcountry Rivers Trust Climate, co-creation & COVID: an online year in the life of the 'Connecting the Culm' project [video]
03/12/2021 Jack Greenhalgh University of Bristol Freshwater ecoacoustics: A new way to survey ponds, rivers, and lakes [video]
26/11/2021 Dr David Tickner WWF Think like a river: Bending the curve of freshwater biodiversity loss in a world that might not know or care [video]
19/11/2021 Prof Jan Hofman University of Bath Simulation of water quality in sewers [video]
12/11/2021 Prof Antarpreet Jutla University of Florida Water, weather and climate for infectious pathogens
05/11/2021 Helen Ticehurst Met Office How risk information informed cholera response in Yemen
22/10/2021 Dr Muhammad Wakil Shahzad Northumbria University Solar Driven Tri-hybrid Water Treatment System for Future Water Supplies
15/10/2021 Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern University of Bath Wastewater Based Epidemiology and One Health [video]
08/10/2021 Dr Talia Rosin University of Exeter Data Analytics for Automated Near Real Time Detection of Sewer Blockages [video]
01/10/2021 Dr Mohammad Hassan Khanjanpour University of Exeter Optimisation of ocean-powered turbines for seawater desalination [video]
31/08/2021 - 02/09/2021 Various speakers University of Exeter AQUA≈360: Water for All - Emerging Issues and Innovations Online Conference
16/07/2021 Prof Jan Hofman University of Bath Assessment of urban water security in sub-Saharan African Capitals [video]
09/07/2021 Dr Nick Paling Westcountry Rivers Trust Evidence-based co-design, co-creation and evaluation of nature-based solutions, ecosystem restoration and systems change [video]
02/07/2021 Jamie Hannaford and Tracey Dunford Natural Resources Wales An insight to UK Drought and Water scarcity Research (about drought), its uses within decision making across range of sectors and future evidence gaps
25/06/2021 Dr Jasmine Grimsley Joint Biosecurity Centre Tracking Covid-19 and its variants through wastewater in England
18/06/2021 Dr Mahdieh Dibaj University of Exeter Integrated Management of Groundwater-Surface water under influence of climate change [video]
11/06/2021 Dr Johan Enqvist Stockholm Resilience Centre and African Climate & Development Initiative Knowledge co-creation for climate adaptation and water justice: a transdisciplinary approach to the SenseMaker toolkit [video]
28/05/2021 Dr Bernardino Nhantumbo National Institute of Meteorology INAM’s Department of Planning and Research: Overview [video]
21/05/2021 Fola Ogunyoye TJAY Consultancy Ltd Adapting to climate change – from flood defence to flood resilience [video]
14/05/2021 Prof Sera Young and Dr Feng Mao  Northwestern University/Cardiff University Benchmarking household water access and use globally: a new tool and many new questions [video]
07/05/2021 Dr Ola Michalec University of Bristol What can social sciences tell us about digital water transformations? [video]
23/04/2021 Dr Rafael Rosolem University of Bristol What does the cosmos tell you about soil hydrology? [video]
16/04/2021 Dr Thomas Beach Cardiff University Digital Solutions for Urban Water Management and Conservation: The UK Perspective [video]
09/04/2021 Dr David MacLeod University of Bristol Drought in the Greater Horn of Africa: past, present and future [video]
26/03/2021 Dr Stefan Uhlenbrook International Water Management Institute Managing the Water We Eat [video]
19/03/2021 Dr Saeed Parnow University of Tehran Ganat and Geo-electrical prospecting for detection [video]
12/03/2021 Prof Mirco Tonin University of Bozen-Bolzano Technology vs information to promote conservation: Evidence from water audits [video]
05/03/2021 Dr Adrian Healy Cardiff University Transforming urban water resilience: the role of household self-supply in sub-Saharan Africa [video]
26/02/2021 Magali Nehemy University of Saskatchewan Stable isotopes are not enough - Using tree hydraulics to understand tree water use [video]
19/02/2021 Eirini Nikoloudi University of Exeter Event Management and Event Response Planning for Smart Water Networks [video]
12/02/2021 Simon Evans The Wye and Usk Foundation Solving Environmental Problems: simple to complex [video]
05/02/2021 Dr Ifan Jâms Cardiff University Estimating the size distribution of plastics ingested by animals [video]
22/01/2021 Dr Geoff Hilton Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Things can only get wetter: conservation evidence at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust [video]
11/12/2020 Dr Lewis Elliott  University of Exeter Insights into blue spaces and human wellbeing: Findings from the BlueHealth International Survey [video]
04/12/2020 Dr Jonny Higham University of Liverpool Flow on the go [video]
27/11/2020 Peter Stanley Natural Resources Wales Programme development, metal mine treatment and restoration opportunities [video]
20/11/2020 Mark Keating Flow Science CFD in the Water Industry [video]
13/11/2020 Dr Aimee Murray with April Hayes University of Exeter Antimicrobial resistance in water systems [video]
06/11/2020 Francisca Martey Ghana Meteorological Agency Research and applied meteorology directorate of Ghana Meteorology Agency [video]
30/10/2020 Dr Hamdy Elsayed  University of Exeter  Water-Food-Energy Nexus in Transboundary River Systems. A case study of the Nile basin [video]
16/10/2020 Dr Sarah Cotterill  University College Dublin COVID-19 and the Water Sector: Understanding impact, preparedness and resilience through a sector-wide survey [video]
09/10/2020 Dr Barry Evans University of Exeter Configuration of micro-scale modelling for disaster evacuation simulations [video]
02/10/2020 Murray Dale JBA Consulting Recent water, climate and hydrometeorology projects at JBA [video]
27/03/2020 James Tremlett MWH Treatment Severn Trent Water Network Analysis Project 2016 - Present
20/03/2020 Prof Bernardo Caicedo University of Los Andes, Columbia Physical modelling of soil atmosphere interaction
13/03/2020 Prof Richard Ashley University of Sheffield Is valuing blue-green infrastructure beyond our ken?
06/03/2020 Dr Olivia Milton-Thompson University of Exeter Assessing risk to groundwater contamination from subsurface activities
28/02/2020 Prof Ruth Allen RSKW Ltd The Future for Water – Politically, Operationally and Climatically
21/02/2020 David Fortune  Innovyze  Transforming water network operations using the digital twin
14/02/2020 Paula Cuero University of Exeter Water quality in Colombia: regulations for peace and equality
07/02/2020 Prof Genevieve Pelletier Université Laval Impact of hydraulic paths on chlorine degradation in water distribution systems
05/02/2020 Prof Ali Khosronejad Stony Brook University High-fidelity numerical simulation of turbulent flows and bed morphodynamics in small- to large-scale environments
31/01/2020 Prof Ian Barker Water Policy International Four meals away from anarchy - water and food security
24/01/2020 Dr James Shucksmith University of Sheffield Development of modeling led surface water abstraction systems
17/01/2020 Dr Matteo Rubinato Coventry University Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Exchange in Urban Flood Flows
10/01/2020 Dr Sarah Bunney University of the West of England Building resilience in the UK water sector: a systems based approach to emergency management
13/12/2019 Dr Gyan Chhipi Shrestha University of British Columbia Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus Modelling for Sustainable Water Planning and Management: A Case Study of City of Penticton, Canada
06/12/2019 Prof Rosa Barciela Met Office Prediction and Prevention of Cholera: The Early Action for Cholera for Cholera (EACH) Project
05/12/2019 Andrew Kruczkiewicz Columbia University Earth observations and disaster risk decision making: Some examples and opportunities
29/11/2019 Dr Emily O'Donnell University of Nottingham Developing new Blue-Green futures: multifunctional infrastructure to address water challenges
22/11/2019 Chris Rogers Consultant Delivering First Time Sewerage to Rural Communities in the UK
15/11/2019 Dr Charles Rougé University of Sheffield Coordination in large-scale models in water resources engineering: challenges for water resilience
13/11/2019 Prof Hassan El-Banna S. Fath Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology Introduction To Desalination Technologies
08/11/2019 Dr Ababyomi Abatan University of Exeter  Water is Life
01/11/2019 Richard Brown  Ove Arup and Partners  Designing for Wellbeing and Climate Resilience - What do we mean when we talk about Green Infrastructure?
25/10/2019 Dr Maria Pregnolato University of Bristol Modelling flooding impact to bridges and roads
18/10/2019 Prof Iana Rufino Federal University of Campina Grande A GIS-based Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCDA) approach for water shortage risk mapping
11/10/2019 Martin Dolan  Oxford Brookes University/Aquobex I-React, the first modular solution to integrate and analyse in real-time a set of data coming from different sources to provide an action-based warning system
04/10/2019 Dr Huili Chen Loughborough University Integrating Remote Sensing and Hydrodynamic Modelling for Regional Flood Impact Analysis