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Modelling effects of flooding on traffic

CWS researcher secures flood resilience for the transport sector funding

Dr Barry Evans has partnered with Dr Maria Pregnolato at the University of Bristol and Dr Man Lam Yue at Cardiff University and successfully secured funding via the GW4 “Building Communities” programme to collaborate on the “Flood Resilience for the TRANsport Sector (FR-TRANS)” project. 

Working with colleagues from the three institutions and building upon previous research from projects such as EU-CIRCLE and RESCCUE, FR-TRANS will further investigate means to model and quantify the risks and impacts that flood events pose to transport networks and ways to mitigate against these to improve the resilience of the transportation network.

In addition to the research outcomes, FR-TRANS will bring together early career researchers from different institutions with experience and interests in similar fields and a multidisciplinary background, supported by experienced academics to create a consortium that will explore opportunities to work together in the future on topics including resilience and climate change.

FR-TRANS is looking to get underway shortly in June 2021.

Date: 24 May 2021

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