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Yiwen Jin, Postgraduate Research Student

Yiwen Jin - Water They Up To: CWS in the Spotlight

In this week's 'Water They Up To: CWS in the Spotlight' feature, we find out more about Yiwen Jin, Postgraduate Research Student.

What is your research about?

My research topic is about applying artificial intelligence techniques to automated sewer network management. Currently, I am focusing on using deep learning based neural network to automate sewer pipe inspection and assist sewer condition assessment.

What is the most exciting part about your research?

Obviously, my research is trying to combine computer science with the water industry. I really enjoy exploring these two disciplines at the same time. Moreover, automation is a widespread trend in almost all domains. It would be quite exciting if I could contribute towards the improvement of sewer management in the future.

When talking about water, what place comes to mind first and why?

I think of Jiuzhaigou Valley; one of the most charming natural sceneries in China. Water is considered as the spirit of Jiuzhaigou, and there is a common saying which shows its incomparable scenery: "No eagerness to see water after visiting Jiuzhaigou". The water there is unbelievably clear, and the Five-Colour Ponds can even amazingly show different colours because of various natural reasons. If you are curious about what it looks like, don’t hesitate to search online!

Which movie or book character would you most associate with water?

I would like to talk about a book named Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. It was recommended by a professor to all the students majoring environmental engineering during my undergraduate study. It not only describes the attractive natural sceneries around the Walden Pond, but more importantly, it represents a pure and peaceful world in one’s mind. This book makes people want to ruminate, to think about the original intention, to go back to nature, to get rid of corporeal desires.

Date: 16 August 2021

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