Water Infrastructure Demonstrators Network

An initial workshop was held on March 15th 2016. It was organised by the University of Exeter's Centre for Water Systems, sponsored by the UK Water Partnership and supported by EPSRC. The event was primarily designed as an open forum to explore ideas between demonstrators, industry and academic partners. Throughout the day, discussion and presentations were directed towards achieving the following aims:

  1. Be updated on existing and planned urban water demonstrators.
  2. Discuss needs and opportunities
  3. Explore and highlight opportunities for collaboration
  4. Discuss funding prospects and initiatives
  5. Establish a network of urban water demonstrators, industry and academic partners

Speakers were Suzanne Simmons (CIRIA), Jacob Tompkins (Waterwise), John Brewington (Severn Trent Water), Michelle Russ (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water), Kevin Reid (GLA), Peter Melville-Shreeve (University of Exeter), Tony Rachwal (UK Water Partnership) and Brian Collins (UKCRIC).

Conclusions on the day stressed the need to link to and learn from future cities and smart cities initiatives, liaise with UKCRIC, use the UK Water Partnership's database and directory and to develop a water demonstrators conference, perhaps in conjunction with CIWEM. Finally, there was an appetite to explore development of a Water Demonstrators Network for sharing of best practice, case studies and international experience.


A summary of the workshop and copies of the presentation are available for download:

SuDS demonstrators Suzanne Simmons (CIRIA)
Water efficiency demonstrators Jacob Tompkins (Waterwise)
Birmingham Urban Demonstrator John Brewington (Severn Trent)
RainScape Michelle Russ (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water)
London Sustainable Drainage Action Plan Kevin Reid (GLA)
South West demonstration sites Peter Melville-Shreeve (University of Exeter)
Working together in cities Tony Rachwal (UK Water Partnership)
UKCRIC Brian Collins (UCL)

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