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Global Resilience Analysis (GRA) Tool

A tool for global resilience analysis of water distribution systems can be downloaded here: GRA Tool

This is a simple, user-friendly tool that automates the simulations required for GRA of a water distribution system and assists comprehension of the results. Provided the user can supply an Epanet .inp file for the system and that this contains demand data (an understanding of Epanet and system failure modelling is not necessary), the tool can be used to quantify the resilience of the system to pipe failure, pump failure, demand increase and contaminant intrusion. An interactive results explorer allows the user to easily identify critical system components based on the selected level of service type and failure measure (e.g. pressure, supply or contamination and failure magnitude or duration). A map of the network can be used to either color-code components based on their criticality in a single component failure analysis or to identify specific combinations of components which result in the greatest level of service failure magnitude or duration when failed simultaneously. ‘Stress-strain’ type response curves can also be automatically generated and key findings automatically extracted. Additionally, the tool enables systems to be compared on a like-for-like basis, enabling the effects of proposed interventions on resilience to be quantified and visualized.

Please reference the tool as follows:

Diao, K., Sweetapple, C., Farmani, R., Fu, G., Ward, S. & Butler, D. (2018) Global resilience analysis of water distribution systems. Water Research, 106, 383-393.

Sweetapple, C., Diao, K., Farmani, R., Fu, G. & Butler, D. (2018). A tool for global resilience analysis of water distribution systems. 1st International WDSA/CCWI Joint Conference, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, July 23-25, 2018.