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Professor Richard Cochrane

Professor Richard Cochrane

Professor Richard Cochrane

We are deeply saddened to share the news of the death of Professor Richard Cochrane. Richard was well loved by colleagues and students right across the University, particularly in our Department of Engineering (Renewable Energy), where he was for a time Director of Education. His vibrant intelligence, kindness and gracious manner were noted by all.

Richard studied Engineering at Cambridge and went on to found his own company, the Quiet Revolution, developing the helical vertical axis wind turbine he had invented, the first vertical axis design to successfully achieve certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Seven of these vertical axis wind turbines could be seen during the London 2012 Olympics. He successfully led a module in Renewable Energy at Bath University, and, following this, was delighted to join the University of Exeter in 2013, fulfilling his vocation to teach. His commitment to excellence in education has been demonstrated through his approach focused not only on theory but equally on hands-on experience and real-life projects as demanded by the industry.

Professor Richard Cochrane

Richard’s passion for renewable energy and for protecting the environment was evident in everything he did. He made great contributions to knowledge exchange in the areas of wind, solar, heat pumps and hydro power. He was an inspirational figure and leaves an enduring environmental legacy.

Richard’s voice went far beyond the University. He was often to be heard speaking on the radio, television and was quoted in numerous publications. Richard was generous with his skills and knowledge, supporting his local parish council, helping to establish the Roseland Environment Action Community Team (REACT) and overseeing the planting of 800 trees at his home in Cornwall.

Despite determinedly battling motor neurone disease since 2019, and despite emerging prospects of new treatments arising from research in this area, Richard Cochrane passed away on Thursday 25 May 2023. He is survived by his three beloved children.


A collection has been set up in Richard’s memory, by his family, to support the community environmental projects he was so passionate about, if you would like to donate:
Help raise £5000 to honour the memory of Richard Cochrane by supporting the community environmental projects he was catalysing in Cornwall.

Tributes and messages

Condolences and memorial tributes

Greatly loved, deeply missed. Mohammad

I still vividly remember our delightful journey to the Isle of Scilly in 2019. It was a memorable experience for me, especially as I had just joined the University of Exeter. I hope you also have fond recollections of that trip. The Skybus ride was remarkable, and you proved to be an excellent driver on our way from Penryn to Penzance. We had engaging conversations on various topics and comfortably spent the day together. You were the first person I met outside of our research group in the field of renewable energy.

I am deeply sorry and extremely shocked to know that you are no longer with us. You had been battling a long illness, and we lost you last week. We shared a fantastic Christmas dinner last December and spent several enjoyable times together afterwards. You always had a lively spirit, were encouraging, and never let on that you were suffering greatly.
I thought to create a tribute post in your memory. I will miss you, and we will all miss your presence. You had a remarkable ability to bring positivity and laughter into any situation, making our work environment brighter and more enjoyable. Your loss will be deeply felt by all of us.

Life becomes more beautiful when we have good company on our journey. Your memory will continue to inspire us in our work and serve as a reminder of the importance of cherishing the moments we have with our loved ones.

Wherever you may be now, I hope you are at peace. My deepest condolences to your family. May your family and us find strength and solace in the memories you shared together.......... Richard Cochrane Anurag Roy

As a new member in the department, although I never had the opportunity to meet in person, I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing. Richard's legacy as a remarkable colleague, researcher and mentor will endure within our university. His dedication to his field, his passion for teaching, and his commitment to his students were truly inspiring. His absence will be felt by all those whose lives he touched, and his contributions will be greatly missed. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of mourning. May you find solace in the cherished memories you shared with Richard and find comfort in the knowledge that his impact will forever remain.  Changxu Liu

Richard was such a warm and generous person, an asset to the University, his students, his colleagues and the wider world of renewable energy and community energy.  He will be sorely missed by all. Taken from his friends and family too soon.  Chris Coonick

I was so sorry to hear about Richard's passing.  He was such a lovely man - always ready to help and share his considerable expertise, he was a pleasure to work with.  My thoughts and best wishes are with his family and friends at this sad time. He will be missed.  Lou

I was so saddened to learn of Richard's death. Whilst we were not close colleagues, I worked alongside the programme for many years, and always found Richard to be a generous, caring, and dedicated human. He clearly cared deeply for his subject and all the students and staff associated with it. I send my sincere condolences to his family and friends.  Hannah Partington

You were a good egg
An attentive listener
Community's friend.   Rai

Richard was a wonderful person and engineering will feel his loss. He was a very innovative and humble person who was a pleasure to deal with. He was always willing to talk and keen to learn more. I will miss talking to him even though our conversations were brief and limited.  Andre Koch

I am so sorry to hear the news about Richard – he was such an intelligent and gracious colleague and I enjoyed all my interactions with him.  He was instrumental in developing the case for the University to initiate an ambitious carbon net zero plan; using his expertise and interpersonal skills to provide practical options for the University to decarbonise. I was inspired by his work on the University of Exeter White Paper to tackle the Climate and Environment Emergency in 2019.  This week (5-9 June) he would have been teaching Grand Challenge students with me – an intensive week extra to his usual teaching load!  But he did it each year because he was so passionate about engaging students in practical solutions-based learning to save the planet; and I loved teaching with him.  He is very much missed.  Professor Juliet Osborne

Prof Richard was a fine lecturer who i remember fondly during my Renewable Energy Engineering masters in 2021. With an obvious wealth of knowledge in the area he was able to make his subject both engaging and informative, and could repel any inquisitive question with a well-informed answer. Richard was instrumental in helping me choose a dissertation topic i was thoroughly interested in, a topic which was in itself instrumental in me landing my current job at an engineering company not 5 miles away from the campus where i studied under him. As a result, Richard most likely had the greatest impact of any academic both at UoE and beyond, setting me on the trajectory of my current career path, one that is both stimulating and helping me work towards a better future. But perhaps most importantly, Richard was a nice and friendly chap, and i enjoyed the discussions we had together on campus and beyond. Goodbye Richard, you will be missed.  Alister Henderson

Richard was a humble and gentle teacher. My impression and memory of him was that he never had a loud voice over people's opinions but guided us through his ideas. He was a quiet achiever, yet everyone praised his outstanding work and leadership in the department and industry. Personally, I would like to thank Richard for his recommendation of interesting wind and tidal projects with the Guernsey Government and his support letter for my PhD. Without Richard, I would not have progressed to my PhD degree. May we celebrate the wind in his memory. Tsz Hin Quinton Chan

Richard, although we only met a few times I will always remember you as a gentle soul with a genuine caring nature. Your calm passion and attentiveness to understanding and supporting communities in protecting the natural environment will be deeply missed but will be continue to be remembered and celebrated. To Richard's family - Please accept my deepest condolences. May the wonderful memories you have of Richard bring you peace, love, strength and courage always. Devi W

In a competitive and sometimes stressful working environment, it was always a pleasure to bump into Richard, he always had time and just made you feel better about things. He will leave huge hole on the campus, its great loss for everyone. Richard

I am grateful to have known Richard and to have had the privilege of collaborating with him on projects until recently. Richard was always generous in sharing his expertise and insight and has been a pleasure to work alongside over the years. He has made a significant personal contribution to accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through his teaching, research, advocacy and community work. Richard's passing is a tremendous loss for the university, Cornwall, and our collective endeavours to decarbonise the energy system. I send my heartfelt condolences to his family. Farewell, Richard. Thank you for all you have done to help build a clean energy future for one and all. You have made this world a better place.  Ben Simpson

Richard was an inspiring and kind lecturer. A very gifted man who did indeed give the most. Never a negative word spoken yet commanded an audible impeccably. He will be sorely, sorely missed. Rest in peace, Sir. Sterren

Greatly missed Richard.  Tapas

Richard was an inspiring, kind, and compassionate lecturer and mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Richard’s support and guidance through university. I am incredibly saddened by his passing, and my thoughts are with his family and colleagues. Rosie Maddra Stewart

Richard was such an important part of my university experience due to his enthusiasm, patience and hard work. I was stunned to hear he's no longer with us and want to give my deepest sympathies to his family.

He was a wonderful person and an excellent lecturer. He gave me so much help and guidance as my supervisor and I owe him a lot. I will never forget him. Charlie Sumeray

I was an exchange student at University of Exeter - Penryn campus and completed the wind energy course that Richard taught. It was by far the best course I did while I was at uni and Richard was an amazing teacher who was able to communicate and explain concepts in such an engaging and relatable way.

I was always impressed at Richards level of passion for renewable energy and he inspired me to want to pursue a career in helping develop and construct wind farms. I'm currently working on wind farm projects in Australia and I owe much of this to Richard and him inspring me with his great character and teaching.

I'm sending my wishes and thoughts to all of Richard's friends and family. Richard will be missed greatly and the renewable energy industry is a much better place thanks to his contributions. Aref Taleb

Richard was an inspiration, so clearly kind and so able to share his experience with us students. In his dealings with us as a lecturer, as Director of Education, and in a pastoral role too he was amazingly patient, an excellent tutor and always had a dry smile or a short laugh at the ready. He was universally respected and admired, and made an unquantifiable contribution to the lives of every student on the course. Frankie Mayo

Thank you Richard for all you did to support the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London in your role as External Examiner. You were fabulous. Richard Bucknall

Like me and my business partner Tristan Couch, Richard worked in a very small niche team at Max Fordham LLP, with the great Max Fordham himself. Working with Max was both challenging and invigorating at the same time, as he liked to throw his team into the deep end setting them difficult problems to solve whilst giving them the freedom to experiment with ideas and express themselves. You either sank or swam. Richard definitely swam, in fact he would have made the Olympics.

My own path only crossed with Richard's briefly, as for the majority of the time he was at the practice, I was away doing post graduate studies at the University of Bath, only returning for a few months each summer. However, despite this and although his time at the practice was relatively short, I know he left an indelible mark on it, and also on Max (who unfortunately passed away recently - January last year). It was clear to me, from my many conversations with Max over many years, that Max was extremely fond of Richard. He often spoke about him and the work he produced, long after he left, and mostly with a tinge of both joy and sadness in his eyes. He was of course disappointed when Richard decided to move on to greater things, as he knew what he had lost, but he was always supportive and I believe kept in touch for many years, and it was clear he was very proud of all of his subsequent achievements, his intellectual rigour and his pragmatic but ethically driven values.

It is very sad to learn that someone so young, with so much talent and ability and who still had so much to give, has been taken from us. Thankfully he was fortunate enough to be able to leave a real legacy through his achievement, work and teaching, for which we are thankful. Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues. Mark Skelly

Although we only worked together briefly on the Renewable Energy courses at Tremough, it was clear to me that Richard was a well-informed, key player in the field and a thoroughly nice guy. I was very sad to hear of his death. My sympathy and regards go to his close colleagues and family. Bob Pine

Although I only met Richard about 18 months ago, I have been deeply affected by his character and approach within a field (I call it 'Climate Hope') where we face so many challenges. Every time we met or spoke or emailed, his response was warm, considerate and encouraging. It was an absolute privilege to work with him last summer, helping some advanced students with papers about hydro energy in the valley here at Luxulyan. We were poised to arrange a new, equally interesting challenge for summer 2023 and I feel bereft that there is a gap, where so recently was a fount of knowledge and enthusiasm. I send my deepest condolences to all who worked with him and to his family and friends. Caroline Stephenson

I instantly cried at the news of Richard’s passing – for the loss to his family, the renewables community, Exeter students, Cornwall, and RheEnergise – the novel energy storage company he more recently co-founded and inspired me to join.Up until 2 weeks ago, he joined our management calls twice weekly. When team members were late to join, we’d talk about our respective Cornish community energy projects, our kids adventures, and later, he’d sometimes pip me to leave, in order to cook tea for hungry tummies nearby. Humble, focused, thoughtful, patient, pioneering, practical, helpful, supportive. A brilliant mind! It has been a privilege to work with Richard on several projects before and during our time at RheEnergise. Always generous with his time and ideas right until the end.

We must treasure Richard’s legacy, and be inspired by his solution focused mindset for a better future. Thank you Richard, we all miss you, and my heartfelt condolences to your family. I look forward to honouring your memory. Sophie Orme

I have always enjoyed meeting Richard at Cornwall campus when travelling to teach a module there. He was very helpful with organisation and ever patient with my constant queries. He also helped me to get in touch with two renewable energy companies when I wrote one funding application and it was because of his name that they wrote me letters of support. Best I can describe him is courteous and quietly intelligent. Really saddened and shocked to hear of his passing. Thank you Richard for everything. Abdessalem Bouferrouk

Richard was a great mentor who helped me grow into an independent teacher, confidently sharing my knowledge with a wide range of students in the Return to Learning module. He encouraged me to try different teaching strategies to maximise engagement with students. Richard and the University of Exeter helped me successfully start my academic career, motivating me to work in the renewable energy sector proudly. John

So saddened to hear the news of Richard’s passing. I very fondly remember studying under his mentorship while at Exeter where he was my lecturer as well as directly supporting me with my dissertation. His smile and excitement will forever have a special place in my heart and, I’m sure, many others.

He was a wonderful man and teacher and I wish all that loved him all the strength in the world to overcome such a tremendous loss. Miguel

I met the lovely, gentle, knowledgeable Richard a couple of times over recent years around Falmouth, as we moved in converging circles. We chatted about - what was obviously a shared passion - the environment and renewable energy. Then I joined the Introduction to Renewable Energy course at the start of this year and he was our Professor, sitting in on several lectures, listening to and commenting on our presentations, and also joining us on our off-site outings so he could ensure we got the most out of our visits.

Thinking back I am in awe of the supreme effort he went to to be available to us students in those last months of his life. He was even at our "graduation" to listen to our presentations for a second time in March this year. I feel very honoured to have met and been able to discuss pressing climate issues and solutions with him. I have just completed a project that was definitely influenced by his recommendations and I will now think of it as "Professor Richard's project" in his honour. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Bea S

In a heartfelt tribute to our remarkable module lead and my personal tutor Richard, whose expertise in wind energy has been a guiding light and an endless source of inspiration for countless individuals. Every time I see a wind turbine, I'll think of him as I feel I'm grateful for his unwavering support, guidance, and firm belief in my abilities. He not only imparted valuable knowledge but also instilled in us a profound sense of purpose and the drive to make a positive impact in the field. Richard's legacy will continue to inspire and shape the futures of those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. My thoughts and prayers are with Richard's family.  Chaitanya Gadgil

In loving memory of Dr Richard Cochrane, an amazing mentor whose wisdom and guidance touched our lives profoundly. His passion for teaching and dedication to our growth will forever be remembered. He was an unparalleled expert in his field, whose vast knowledge and contributions have forever shaped the landscape of renewable energy.

Rest in peace, dear Richard. Abubakar Farooq

Richard was a fantastic lecturer and an even better inspiration to all the students who passed through the Renewable Energy department over the years he taught there. His industrial experience and professional vision were truly one of a kind, and have had a huge impact on my career. Whenever people ask me "What was it like, studying in the UK?" I'd always reply with "It was refreshing that many lecturers had a very industry-driven way of teaching, preparing you for the job market". And it was Richard I'd always think of. He was also extremely kind and supportive. Even when you could clearly see he had no time to spare, he'd take a minute to listen to your questions or doubts or worries.

I took an active part in student representation of the department, and I fondly remember the meetings we held and the encouragement he always offered us to strive to be better and to continually improve the department both for students and staff. Even after I graduated, he'd be more than willing to help me with chartership questions and recommendation letters.

In short, Richard was a great lecturer and an outstanding person. He will be greatly missed. It seems impossible to think of the Renewable Energy Department without him. But his memory remains and so does the influence he has on the many students who he taught and inspired. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. Margalida

I'm so sorry to hear this - although our paths did not cross very often, I had a great deal of time for Richard, who was a friendly, thoughtful and delightful individual. He worked hard to provide the best possible education, to support students, and to push research in renewables. He will be very much missed by everyone, and I would like to convey my condolences to family, colleagues and friends. Andrew Gilbert

Richard stood out from the crowd on the Penryn campus. Whenever there was a discussion about something practical that needed to be done to respond to climate and environmental change, Richard was there. He had a wonderful combination of intelligence and practicality, and it came packaged in an unassuming, quiet and humble personality. It was a joy to work with Richard.

What's more, as soon as you walked in his wake, you realised that lots of other people thought the same thing. Last Autumn, we worked together with Sue Cooper, to organise a conference for Cornish community groups and councils to discuss how to integrate nature and environmental improvements into neighbourhood plans and projects. We had a great turnout and it was a wonderful day - sharing ideas about how to make small steps that make a difference at the local scale. Richard had a lot of share about his work on the Roseland, setting up community renewable energy projects and supporting his parish council. He had a very significant influence on the world around him, and people loved him for stepping up to lead. I am so sorry that he has gone. We were blessed to have him. Jane

Richard, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work alongside you as a colleague. You have made a fantastic contribution to renewable energy at the University of Exeter and beyond and you will be sadly missed. We will forever cherish your memory. Justin

I am grateful for having known and worked with you, Richard. Thank you for all of your help and support down the years. You were an absolute inspiration in the renewables sector. A kind, courteous, thoughtful human being, possessing an incredible engineering mind that was always beautifully applied. Anonymous

I only saw Richard occasionally when he would visit the Harrison Building and usually needed a very last minute parking permit. He would always stop for a chat and although we didn't really know each other apart from that, it was always a pleasure to see him. Truly saddened by the news of his passing and I'll raise a glass to him tonight to make up for that pint in the RAMM that we never got round to having. Sincere condolences to his family, Rest easy Sir. Jem Squires

Richard, quite simply you were a great person & you will be missed greatly. Mary

I was a student of Richard's in the RE program at Exeter. He was an enthusiastic teacher and was always encouraging. He will be missed. Helen Poulter

Richard’s impact on the students he taught and cared for at the University of Exeter cannot be understated. He was respected and admired across the board and an inspiration to so many; the impact of his teaching and kindness will be incredibly long-lasting and far-reaching. Jonty Haynes

Richard, Justin and I worked on the EU-funded Innovation in Higher Level Skills project, developing a pilot course to increase knowledge and skills in the design of heat pump systems. Richard’s genuine passion, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge were instrumental in making this first pilot a success. On a personal level, I will always remember his patience and kindness as I settled into my new role at the University. His loss will be felt beyond the University, across the business community in Cornwall. Dani

Richard was a very good friend and colleague. As a friend, my memory goes our time in Barbados with our students (when I was in Exeter University) as sharing the house with Richard. He used to make my sandwich for the breakfast and had a good two weeks in Barbados. As a colleague, he is the one who support me often to cover my lectures. Once upon a time, I was sick during the term time, Richard covered my rest of my lectures without any hesitation. His support to start MSc Renewable Energy Engineering in the Exeter University was tremendous. My deep condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. I am missing a good friend... Rest in Peace Richard. Senthil Sundaram

I was deeply shocked to learn that Richard had passed away, he was a wonderful person and a passionate advocate for all things renewable energy, he will be greatly missed by so many and the world will be poorer place without him. My thoughts are with his family as they come together on Sunday to celebrate a life that gave so much to us all. Tim Fox

I am deeply saddened to know about the untimely demise of Richard. I still remember my first interaction with him on my first day at the University of Exeter. I was fortunate to have him as my personal tutor for the duration of my Master's course. His passion for the field of renewable energy was inspiring and motivating. He also thoroughly enjoyed teaching which was evident from the way he delivered his lectures. He was always there to provide a helping hand to students whenever needed. From helping me with the data required for my assignments to guiding me about my career choices, he has contributed immensely to my professional development. Dear Professor Richard, you were a gem of a person and your presence will be missed. Sincere Condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in Peace, Sir. Anonymous

My first encounter with Richard occurred during my initial year as a lecturer at Exeter when he kindly invited me to join The European Regional Fund research project. His invitation not only marked the beginning of my journey with the project, but also the commencement of a supportive mentorship that I deeply valued.

From the get-go, Richard provided unwavering support and guidance. He led the project with exceptional acumen, setting a strong example of leadership for all of us. His generosity in sharing his knowledge and experience was profound, making an indelible mark on my own professional development. For this, I am immensely grateful.

The sudden loss of Richard has hit us deeply. His absence leaves a void that's hard to fill, both in our project and in our hearts. His guidance, support, and most importantly, his kind presence, will be greatly missed. We will honour his memory by carrying on the dedication and passion he instilled in us.

Rest in peace, Richard. Your influence continues to inspire us and your legacy will live on through the work we continue in your honour.  Mi Tian

On my first day of uni Richard took us out in the minibus to see the turbines at Goonhilly, then we all went to mullion to have ice cream and he was so welcoming, happy, kind and encouraging and made me think, this uni thing seems quite fun and I might like it here! I feel privileged to have known him, and shared several other minibus adventures during the course. Truly an inspiration that I will miss very much. Thank you for everything Richard. Sophie

Privileged to have known and worked with Richard. Will miss him on the ongoing Tin Coast Minewater project. Cannot add to the multiple tributes paid to him at the Gerrans event - engineer, innovator, educator, mentor, father. Taken away from the world far too early......... Robin Curtis

Our thoughts are with Richard's family, colleagues, students, and his many friends at this very sad time. It was a privilege to know Richard and to learn so much from him. His passion and knowledge of renewable energy and protection of the environment was simply amazing. He was such a kind, caring man, so supportive and approachable.

We came to know Richard when attending the introduction to renewable energy course at Penryn campus. This course, which would not have been possible without Richard, has given both of us a greater knowledge and understanding in this field. As we go forward in this changing world, I am sure we will think of Richard often and the course we were lucky enough to attend because of him. Kerry and Audrey

It has been an honour to work alongside Richard. We’ve had fun, joy, success, planning and plotting how to tell everyone about renewable energy. We’ve maybe advanced our subject a little, Richard probably more than most.

The key thing about Richard is that he had time for everyone. A great listener, and always a calm, kind, intelligent opinion. I’ll miss my friend Professor Richard Cochrane, I know so many others will too. The important thing is that we had benefit of his companionship for a great 10 years.

Richard, you’ve made real difference to many people. Adam

I first met Richard whilst on a conservation volunteer day, and more recently on a short course at Penryn. His intelligence, genuine and kind nature shone through and is an example for all. Naomi

I worked closely with Richard at QR. A true genius and humble gent in my eyes. Never too busy to share his (vast amount) of knowledge with those fortunate enough to know him. Without Richard I wouldn’t be working in renewable energy today all those years later and hopefully making the world a better place which he strived to do in all parts of his life. Malcolm Barnett

It took me some time to process this sad news. Richard was more than just a great mentor in academic field. More than passing on his valuable knowledge and skills, he was very caring and supportive when I lost my beloved one during my Master year and guided me through to the end of my study as well as continued to support me in my first job and further study. Throughout my 4 years as his tutee and further years in the Renewable Energy industry, it was an honour to have known from Prof. Richard Cochrane. Very much thought of him and will always remember one of my greatest life mentor. My deepest condolences to his family and all his loved ones. Rest in peace, kind sir. Peach

Richard was both my colleague and my partner.

I think you could walk the world for a thousand years and never come across another such as Richard. Most precious of all was his kindness - his goodness - but then, in his modest understated way, he had all the fireworks: a brilliant mind, personal attractiveness, a passion for adventure, fearlessness and determination. And all these qualities were present in him, very vividly, to the last day of his life.

Richard made things possible that did not seem possible. He had values and would always start from the point of what was the best thing to do, for his students, for the environment, for his family, and from there he would simply, and with great lucidity, work out what needed to be done and do it.

Returning to campus after his passing, I had the feeling that if the ESI (Environment & Sustainability Institute) had a flag – I don’t believe it has – it would have been flying at half-mast.

And yet, as if to help us out, Richard has left us so much to remember him by and a map for the future. His legacy is very tangible in the many Renewable Energy projects he inspired, coaxed and cajoled into life, in the 800 or so trees he planted, in his graceful invention the helical vertical axis wind turbine, in the REEF building (Renewable Energy Engineering Facility) and in lives changed by his teaching.


Richard joined our masters programme (MPhil in Environmental Design) at the Department of Architecture University of Cambridge and quickly became a trusted source of support for his peers and an assistant teacher on the course in 2000. His enthusiasm and expertise were characteristics that are particularly memorable, and these were accompanied with kindness and modesty. He was not only knowledgeable but also great fun to be with and he joined us on a memorable consultancy trip to Australia to advise on the innovative design for Council House 2 in Melbourne. By the weekend he headed off to Bondi Beach and it subsequently became clear that the sea beckoned and we couldn't keep him in landlocked Cambridge for long. I have followed his impressive outreach, research and innovation activities in Cornwall with interest. It was so sad to hear belatedly of his passing at such a young age. I send my sincerest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Koen