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Photo of Dr Ahmed Khalil

Dr Ahmed Khalil

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 724075

Extension: (Streatham) 4075

Dr Ahmed Khalil has got his PhD at Kyushu University, Japan, in September 2017. As a researcher, he has considerable knowledge and experience-acquired skills in synthesising and characterising nanomaterials, ceramics, and functional materials for different applications. In addition, he has worked in modelling, optimising, and simulating environmental and chemical processes since his master’s degree. His track record of publications has exceeded 25 peer-reviewed journal publications and 20 conference proceedings since 2015 (refer to his ResearchGate profile link). 

Currently, he is working on the Transforming the Foundation Industries Research and Innovation Hub (TransFIRE) Programme at the Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy, University of Exeter (UoE). The ceramics technical working group, Prof Zhang and Dr Khalil, collaborate with TransFIRe work streams and various foundation industry partners on the delivery of some important cross-sectoral case studies, such as refractory recycling, spent foundry sand, and upcoming others, in which they focus on producing durable refractories using fewer materials from sustainable resources. They seek to cause real transformative change within the foundation industries. For this purpose, they work on identifying the key intervention points and the drivers and barriers for this transformative change and its challenges and solutions through co-organising workshops and meetings with foundation industry partners.