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Prof Albert S. Chen

PhD supervision

I am offering to supervise self-funded PhD students in the areas of

  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Flood impact assessment
  • Hazard risk management and resilience
  • Hydroinformatics
  • Water and human health
  • Water and environment

Other ongoing PhD funding opportunities can be found

Current PhD students [Name, project title, funding body, (co-)supervisor]

Completed PhD students [Name, year, project title, funding body, (co-)supervisor]

  • Dr Jess Penny,  Impact of land-use changes on hydrological regime, EPSRC WISE, S. Djordjevic
  • Dr Laura Ramsamy, 2022, Flood forecasting as a tool flood risk management, EPSRC WISE, S. Djordjević 
  • Dr Mohammed Chachan Younis, 2020, Artificial Intelligence Based Classification for Urban Surface Water Modelling, Self-funded, E. Keedwell, D.A. Savic