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Photo of  Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamilton

Postgraduate Researcher (STREAM IDC)


Telephone: 01392 726652

Extension: (Streatham) 6652

Ben Hamilton graduated from Southampton University with a MEng in marine engineering. After finishing his degree he started his EngD with Exeter University by joining the 10th cohort of the STREAM IDC program. The STREAM IDC enables an exciting partnership of industry and academia developing the skills of young researchers through research relevant to the water sector. Ben’s focus for his EngD is the prediction and detection of blockages within the sewer network using data analytics. The ambition of his research is to help bring about a transition from a reactive led environment to predictive maintenance programmes.


During the project level sensors will be installed in manholes alongside existing data loggers. The first objective of the research is to develop a model and tool capable of predicting the water levels in manholes provided there are no blockages in the network. This model should make use of historic records and real time data feeds from any site and neighbouring manholes. The model should also make use of weather predictions to predict the future level.


Ben is based in the South West Water offices but retains close links with Exeter University for both lectures and academic support provided by Slobodan Djordjevic. Ben continues to makes use of the industrial and academic resources available to advance his research and is enjoying work in such an engaging field.


To find out more about the STREAM IDC follow the link below: