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Photo of Dr Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve

Dr Julian Mauricio Londono Monsalve


  • ENG3015 - Structural Dynamics
  • ENG3022 - Finite Element Analysis for high Value Manufacturing
  • ENG2013 - Sustainable Design Challenge Project
  • ECMM164 - MSc Dissertations
  • ECM3175 - 3rd Year Individual Projects

Previous Modules

  • ECM3173 - Structural Dynamics
  • ECM3154 - Manufacturing (Additive Layer Manufacturing and Robotics)
  • ECM2110 - Geotechnics I
  • ECM2114 - Solid Mechanics (Fundamentals of Vibrations)
  • ECM3152 - Computational Engineering (Finite differences and Computational Fluid Dynamcs)
  • ECMM102 - 4th Year Group Projects



Project students and tutees

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