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Photo of Miss Jess Penny

Miss Jess Penny

Postgraduate Researcher (WISE CDT)


Jess is a final year PhD student on the Water Informatics Science and Enginerring (WISE) CDT programme (WISE CDT; EP/L016214/1). Prior to joining WISE, she graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Geography, to then go on and complete an MSc in Water Engineering at the University of Exeter.    Currently in her final year, she is working alongside the ENRICH (Enhancing Resilience to future Hydro-meteorological extremes in the Mun river basin in Northeast of Thailand) research project (NERC (NE/S002901/1) and the Sustainable Mineral Institute at The University of Queensland Australia. Currently researching Land Use Change,  she is modelling historical, current and future land-use changes within two catchments; The Mun river basin (Thailand) and the Angas Bremer region (South Australia). In particular, she is investigating changes in agricultural development, and how this will affect hydro-meteorological extremes, specifically droughts. The ultimate goal, through a number of future land use change scenarios, is to develop vulnerability and risk maps for drought for the Mun River basin, and provide a Water Footprint analysis for Angas Bremer.   Jess recently spoke about her work at the virtaul Water Security and Climate Change Conference.  

Research Interests:

Risk anaylsis for extreme drought and flood hazards,

The Water footprint of agricultural landuses,

Land Use Change impacts on the hydrological cycle,

Socio-economic adaption for future drought conditons.


Papers under reveiw:

Penny, J. et al. (2021) 'Using public participation within Land Use change scenarios for analysing environmental and socioeconomic drivers.' , Envionmenatal Research Letters Focus on Public Participation in Environmental Research.

Penny, J et al. (2021) 'Projecting Land Use Change in the Northeast of Thailand: Using the Dyna-CLUE and FLUS Models.', Journal of hydroinformatics.

Penny, J et al. (2021) 'Local-scale Land Use Change modelling, to understand interactions between groundwater and water resource mangement.