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Photo of Mr Liam Vile

Mr Liam Vile

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Telephone: 01392 726652

Extension: (Streatham) 6652

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Graduating top of their class with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Exeter, Liam secured funding through the University's 'Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship' to pursue their undergraduate research interests at PhD level.  

Throughout their time at the University they have been working within an internationally renowned research group focusing on the application of Sliding Mode Control and Control allocation methods for the fault tolerant control and fault detection of safety critical systems - specialising in the aerospace sector.  

Liam is currently working on an EPSRC funded project developing control algorithms to help extend the range of sea-states in which existing wave limited maritime operations can be safely carried out which is closely coupled to two already funded EPSRC projects under the Launch and Recovery Co-Creation Initiative. Their main role is to deliver new fundamental control research, providing the basis for the creation of a real-time decision support system for Launch and Recovery at sea.