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Photo of Dr Luke Savage

Dr Luke Savage

Senior Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 725911

Extension: (Streatham) 5911

Dr. Luke Savage is a senior Materials Scientist with 22 years’ experience of researching answers to real-world industrial problems over a broad range of scientific areas. Dr Savage has received 17 funding awards from the UK innovate programme (or equivalent) to support various industrial research collaborations, several EPSRC awards, EU framework funding awards, and 2 research grants from the Bill Gates foundation.

Research Interests

  • Automotive Materials Engineering – Structures, Composites electric vehicle systems, specialised Materials for harsh environments.
  • Aviation Materials Engineering – Novel applications of Thermoplastic Composites, Under carriage systems, Carbon/carbon materials. 
  • Composites – Thermoplastic composites, discontinuous composite structures, composite structure design and failure mechanism analysis. Composite Recycling approaches.
  • Tribology – Carbon/Carbon brake materials, lightweight braking system design and manufacture. High performance Automotive braking systems.   

Recent/Current Projects

  • RE-SPIN. -Advanced SMC grades incorporating recycled/textile carbon fibres or foamed products –INNOVATE UK, Partners: – FTI Group, Cubis Systems Ltd. The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL/UTK), Ashland inc. and Huntsman inc., ELG Carbon Fibre, Montfibre inc, Vartega, Volkswagen, Continental Structural Plastics. (£386,400) Estimated start – January 2020.
  • ….A UK- USA collaboration aiming to develop advanced lightweight semi-structural car body panels and recycled carbon fibre reinforcement, and also examining the use of foaming agents to produce lightweight moulding compounds for the construction industry.   
  • The Future is Remanufacturing: Composites for Life,. EPSRC - EP/T006250/1  To Start 1st December 2019 - 31/10/22. Partners: - Meggitt plc, Victrex plc, Boeing, Royal Tencate, Leonardo,plc. (£551,471)
  • .Advanced thermoplastic composite structures based on PEEK polymer as a recyclable alternative to conventional thermoset composites for aviation.
  • FULL STOP - An Advanced Friction Braking System Designed For HEV and Automatous Vehicles”. INNOVATE UK TS/R021384/1   1/10/18 to 30/9/21 Partners: Freeman automotive, Bentley Cars Ltd, Caterham Cars Ltd, Dyson, London Electric Taxi Company, Hexion inc, Westec Precision Ltd, FTI Group Ltd. (£1,484.044)
  • ……A new type of lightweight composite braking systems for automotive electric vehicle, sports and race applications.
  • F4 PAEK -“Multifunctional PAEK nanocomposites for laser sintering” INNOVATE UK TS/R000921/12/01/18 -1/1/20. Partners: Qioptiq Ltd, Thales UK Ltd, Victrex Manufacturing Ltd, Hosokawa Micron Ltd, Airbus Operations Ltd, 2-DTech Ltd, Haydale Ltd.
  • Combining nano-particles with PAEK polymers, this project is looking to develop new bespoke lightweight multifunctional materials that can be 3D printed using powder bed fusion technology.
  • DAEDALUS –“Composite Structures for Aircraft” INNOVATE UK TS/N010272/1       1/6/16 - 30/4/19 Partners: Meggitt PLC, Oxford Advanced Surfaces, Royal Tencate,  Victrex plc. (£846,000).
  • ….Thermoplastic composites for novel aviation applications.
  • CAB-TEC – “Composite Automotive Braking Technologies for future Low Carbon Vehicles”  INNOVATE UK TS/N002881/1 TS/P010423/1        1/5/17 to 30/4/18  Partners Hexion inc, Freeman automotive, EFI Ltd, Caterham Cars. 
  • …The Application of specialised composites that function in harsh environments..
  • VALSPEC- “Valorisation of polymer waste through Spectroscopy (ValSpec)”  INNOVATE UK TS/N002881/11/8/15 to 31/7/16 - Partners - British Polythene Industries. Bristish Plastics Federation.
  • ATI -“High Temperature, affordable polymer composites for AM aerospace applications” -  INNOVATE UK TS/N00163X/1. 1/10/15 to 30/9/17    Partners - (Victrex), EOS,GmbH E3D  Ltd,  EADS-AIG, BAE. SWMF, AVPE. (£1,641,000)
  • BRAKE-THRU –“A lightweight automotive brake rotor for the emerging LCV market” -  INNOVATE UK TS/M010953/1-. 1/11/15  to  31/10/18… Partners - EBC braking Ltd, Hexion Inc, Caterham Cars, Menzolit Ltd, Hexcel Inc. (£904,000).
  • Development of Composite Armour Panels for Land vehicles” - SBRI Land Vehicle exercise LVEx 2013 (TSB) 1/5/14 to 1/1/16,  Partners- Supercat ltd, the MOD.
  • Dyson Ltd -£50K Consultation for Dyson Ltd - May2014 - Jan 2015.
  • EXHUME “Efficient X-sector use of HeterogeneoUs MatErials in Manufacturing”  EPSRC - EP/K026348/1 - (1/1/13 -31/12/15) Partners-  Universities of Birmingham, Cranfield, Loughborough.
  • TARF -  EPSRC- Towards Affordable, Closed-Loop Recyclable Future Low Carbon Vehicle Structures - TARF-LCV- EP/I038616/1. (£3998759).


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