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Photo of Prof Mustafa Aziz

Prof Mustafa Aziz

Associate Professor in Applied Electromagnetism


Telephone: 01392 723696

Extension: (Streatham) 3696

Research Interests

  • Electromagnetic-micromagnetic modelling and simulation of magnetic phenomena in magnetic nanostructures and (meta)materials.
  • Magnetic data storage.
  • Electromagnetic sensors and methods for non-destructive inspection.
  • Phase-change materials and devices for electronic/photonic non-volatile memories and in-memory computing.


PhD projects

I am offering to supervise self-funded PhD students in the areas of:

  • Magnetisation dynamics of magnetic nanowires and metamaterials, for high-frequency communications.
  • Novel, high-sensitivity electromagnetic sensors and methods of non-destructive inspection of tubular structures (e.g. oil and gas pipes).
  • Modelling phase-change materials and devices for non-volatile memories and in-memory computing.


Please email Mustafa Aziz for inquiries and further details. You can also visit the University's page on PhD funding


Teaching Interests

  • Analogue and Digital Electronics
  • Control Engineering
  • Data Storage
    • C/C++ programming


    Administrative roles

    • Education lead of Electronic Engineering programmes