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Photo of Prof Maria Rosaria Marsico

Prof Maria Rosaria Marsico


ECMM153 - Conceptual Design of Buildings

ECMM158 - Active and Passive Control systems

ECMM151 - Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

  Past Teaching

ECMM152 - Conceptual Design of Bridges

ECMM138 - Innovative Antiseismic Technologies

ECMM103 - Computer Aided Engineering Design

ECMM101 - Industrial Case Studies

ECM3171 - Computer Aided Drawings

ECM1101 - Professional Studies, Skills and Development



Students say about me.

‘I am writing to you to thank you for the help you provided me. I will write the University of Exeter to thank for your help’ (January 2016)

‘So in this mail, I'd like to express my gratitude to you. You as my supervisor, helped me a lot in this year. Thank you very much for your concern and care’ (May 2015)

‘I just want to thank you for all your support and your dedication towards my project.  I would not have done it without your help and support. I am very grateful’ (June 2015)

‘Maria is excellent at giving prompt advice or answers to questions and used a lot of different methods to explain ideas (videos, slides, handouts etc.)’  (May 2015)


Colleagues say about me.

‘Maria, I think we learned lots together working on Industrial Case Studies. Thanks so much for your help and your support in everything from admissions to modules’ (Dec 2015)

‘I have really learned how to be teacher through my time [with you], and I couldn't have made it to the end without [your] help and support’ (Dec 2015)

‘I have really enjoyed working with you’ (June 2015)


PGRs say about me.

It made me love my job, my research and it made me determined that I can do it! ( May 2014)

It’s a very inspiring session and really useful having international scholars as speakers. (May 2014)