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Prof Oana Ghita

Research News and Events


The Polymer International journal released a special issue focused on the synthesis, processing and applications of polyaryletherketones (PAEKs)

A case study developed as part of the UKRI Researcher in Residence Programme in collaboration with the MTC and Thales.

Read the steps took in redesigning a high performance cable guide using Powder Bed Fusion process with Victrex 450PEEK powder

MOF- 3D - Laser Sintering with MOF-PA12 powders 

We combine MOF's with 3D printable polymers in such as way that the majority of the MOF adsorbtion capacity is retained but with the benefit of fabricating hierarchical complex structures from the macro to nano scale.  The new method of fabrication of the MOF-PA12 powder eliminates the health and safety concerns through reduced nanoscale powder handling as the MOF crystals are well bound to the polymer surface.  

Conference on Materials and Structures for Additive Manufacturing

The conference was hosted by the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) in collaboration with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials at the University of Exeter.  

Pushing for performance in Polymer Powders

Collaboration with the Freeman Technology - specialist in systems for measuring the flow properties of powders  

CALM and MTC are partnering to work together on High Performance Polymers and Additive Manufacturing CALM and Victrex PartnershipThe partnership has been announced at the 2018 European Strategy for High Temperature Polymers in Exeter.  European Strategy for High Performance Polymer ManufacturingOutcomes published in Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine 2016 and 2014

CALM contributes towards development of new PAEK grades at part of a large ATI project