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Photo of Dr Sarah Bunney

Dr Sarah Bunney

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Sarah is an interdisciplinery researcher who studies the resilience of socio-technical systems in response to low probability, high consequence events.  She is currently working on an Ofwat: Innovation in Water Challenge Project to develop a 'business model canvas' for drinking water and rainwater storage tanks to harness real time control solutions to explore optimised strategies for real-time top up control.  

Sarah completed her PhD at the University of Exeter, within the Centre for Water Systems Research under the supervsion of Professor David Butler and Associate Professor Sarah Ward.  With a research focus on emergency management, she explored the impact of system failure within the UK water sector to understand how improved resilience to extreme events can be achieved through effective emergency planning. 

Sarah recently worked on a COVID-19 National Core Studies research project - How can healthcare data be connected with wastewater surveillance of COVID-19 in a privacy preserving fashion to inform epidemiological models and democratise data access? 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah has been working together with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers to understand the organistional challenges facing the UK water sector.  She has over 20 years experience working within the water sector both as a practitioner and an academic.